Sunday, November 22, 2009

Ike CSG COMPTUEX HF/VHF/UHF Update 11/22/2009


2259.0 kHz USB Link 11
3050.0 kHz USB HF CWC Voice Coordination Net: Force Track Coordinator (Link-11/Link-16): Ike CSG, Truman CSG, Bataan ARG??

5316.0 kHz USB HF CWC Voice Coordination Net: Air Warfare Commander (India Whiskey)

Jack NeSmith and others have passed along the following U's associated with Ike COMPTUEX activity off the Florida east coast. The initial story is posted here on the Milcom blog at

Freq's ID'd as "Unknown User/Usage" are exercise related, most are first time hit's.

136.9750 Hawker Hunter aircraft discrete Cougar c/s
139.8750 Unid aircraft calling an E-2C VAW-121/CVW-7 aircraft. Maybe one of the adversary aircraft (Cougar or Dart?)
225.3500 Pinecastle Target - Range Impact (Strike/Shot Common)
226.5500 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
227.1750 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
233.3250 Bluetail AIC freq, ex-Button 19 CVW-7 Aerial Refueling Boom
234.5750 VFA-143 Dog c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
237.1750 VFA-143 Dog c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron) (Tac 13?)
237.7000 CVW-7/USS Ike Discrete
238.9000 AR-620 Crystal AR Track - Boomer freq
239.4750 VAQ-140 Stinger c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
239.5500 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
246.8000 VFA-103 Victory c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
247.1000 Probable Fleet Air Defense FAD-4/Fighter Control D (Button 12) Bluetail c/s
253.1000 VMFA-122 Squadron Common
253.5250 Unknown user/usage "IKE" (Secure)
257.1000 Avon Park MOA Ground FAC
258.9250 Unknown user/usage "IKE" (now an ex-spectrum hole)
261.2500 Pinecastle Rodman Target R-2907
264.6250 MOA Avon Park FL - Range Operations (Bravo & Foxtrot Range)/Forward Air Controller
264.8500 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
266.6250 CWC Strike Commander India Papa (Secure) (Button 7)(now an ex-spectrum hole)
267.5000 FACSFAC Jacksonville Sealord South
269.3250 Jacksonville Approach/Departure Control
270.5250 Fleet Air Defense FAD-1 (SCC AC)/FAD-A Air Control (Fighter Control A "Freddie") (Button 05)(now an ex-spectrum hole)
275.6500 VFA-204 Aggressor Air-to-Air
276.3250 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
277.2000 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
278.0500 VFA-83 Ram c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
283.6500 VFA-83 Ram c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
284.5000 FACSFAC Jacksonville Sealord North
285.3500 VAW-121 Bluetail c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
289.2000 Pinecastle Complex FL R-2910 Range Air Control
292.2000 MOA Avon Park FL Range Control/Operations and AR Boom
292.2250 Ike Strike (Button 3)
298.4750 Probable Fleet Air Defense FAD-2 (SCC AC) FAD-B /Air Control (Fighter Control B) Bluetail c/s (Button 10) (now an ex-spectrum hole)
303.2000 VFA-103 Victory c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
307.2500 Jacksonville ARTCC St. Augustine FL Low/High Altitude -St. Augustine Sector
313.9000 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
314.4250 Ike Positive Identification and Radar Advisory Zone (PIRAZ) "Red Crown" (Button 4)
318.3250 CCA Departure (Button 2) (now an ex-spectrum hole)
318.5250 Unknown user/usage "IKE" (now an ex-spectrum hole)
328.4250 Ike Marshal (Button 16)
340.1250 Dog clg Warhawk (now an ex-spectrum hole) (Button 9?)
340.2000 NAS Jacksonville Tower
342.2500 Cecil Field FL Urban CAS JTAC Iron Cross/Strike
348.3500 VFA-131 Cat c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
351.8000 Jacksonville Approach/Departure Control
351.8750 VFA-103 Victory c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron)
357.3750 Another possible CSAREX frequency (now an ex-spectrum hole)
363.6500 CVW-7 Aerial refueling boom (Button 19)
367.7250 Secure Comms (JStars related?)
370.7500 Phoenix Air/Flight International and Hawker Hunter discrete (Air-to-Air)
Cougar and Dart c/s (Silent Warrior?). Unid aircraft here passed 139.875 MHz.
371.0500 VFA-131 Cat c/s, unknown usage (CVW-7 squadron) (now an ex-spectrum hole)
374.0000 REP (Button 18)
376.0250 Unknown user/usage "IKE"
377.0500 Jacksonville Approach/departure Control
384.1000 Air-to-Air comms (OPFOR?)
393.550 To 269.325 (Jax App)

Have Quick
225.150 235.050 239.950 252.925 267.850 284.150 293.550 298.650 303.275 308.750

Button 1
Button 2 318.325 - CCA Departure
Button 3 292.225 – Strike A
Button 4 314.425 - Positive Identification and Radar Advisory Zone (PIRAZ) "Red Crown"
Button 5 270.525 – SCC C&R E-2 Air Control (Surface Warfare Commander/Sea Combat Commander Net)
Button 6
Button 7 266.625 – CWC Strike CMDR India Papa (Secure)/ STW C&R Primary - Strike A
Button 8 (mentioned for JSTARS contact)
Button 9 340.125 - Fleet Air Defense FAD-1 (SCC AC) FAD-A Air Control (Fighter Control A "Freddie")
Button 10 298.475 - Fleet Air Defense FAD-2 (SCC AC) FAD-B Air Control (Fighter Control B)
Button 11 227.175 - Fleet Air Defense FAD-3 (SSC Helo) Tac Net 1 (Fighter Control C)
Button 12 247.100 - Fleet Air Defense FAD—4 Tac Net 2 (Fighter Control D)
Button 13
Button 14
Button 15 CCA Final A (CCA/LSO Paddles)
Button 16 328.425 – CCA-A Marshal
Button 17 CCA Final B (CCA-B)
Button 18 347.000 - CCA Overload CVW-7 Maintenance Reps
Button 19 363.650 – CCA Overhead Tank AR Boom, ex-233.325
Button 20

Bluetail - VAW-121 (CVW-7)
Canvas ## - HS-5 (CVW-7)
Cat ## - VFA-131 (CVW-7)
Cougar ## – Hawker Hunter
Dart ## – Lear, Phoenix Air Group
Delta – Surface unit (HF)
Dog ## - VFA-143 (CVW-7)
Dusty 01 - Unknown user
Foxtrot – Surface unit (HF)
Hammer - CVW-7 Strike Package Tactical Callsign
Hoist 98 – KC-10, 305th AMW
Hotel – Surface unit (HF; foreign accent)
India – Surface unit (HF)
India Foxtrot – Force Track Coordinator
India Papa – Strike Warfare Commander
India Whiskey – Air Defense Commander
Iron Cross – JTAC Avon Park
Kilo – Surface unit (HF)
Lightning – JTAC Pinecastle
Mike – Surface unit (HF)
November – Surface unit (HF, UHF)
Omega 70 – KC-135
Ram ## - VFA-83 (CVW-7)
Stinger - VAQ-140 (CVW-7)
Tyrant – JTAC, Jax Urban CAS
Vega 31/32 - Downed pilots (CSAREX)
Victor – E-2C
Victory ## - VFA-103 (CVW-7)
Warhawk - Unknown

Anybody have any ideas on Warhawk??

Thanks to Jack and several other contributors who wish to remain anon for updating this report. Hope to have more to follow I'm sure.