Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - HF 7-9 Nov 2009 - Mid Atlantic

Ron up in Maryland checks in again with more Milcom Blog Logs, this time from the HF spectrum. Thanks Ron for sharing. All times UTC and freqs are in KHz.

7 Nov:

08971.0 Fiddle (TSC NAS Jacksonville FL): 1930 USB w/Red Talon 711 (P-3C, NAS Jacksonville FL) w/radio checks.

11232.0 Trenton Military: 2113 USB w/Rescue 333 (CC-130H # 130333 436th Sq CFB Trenton) in pp w/RCC Trenton discussing tasking for search by Black Fly 701(poss CH-146 Griffon) in the area of Cat Lake. Ref to unid acft poss RON at Thunder Bay.

08340.0 5JL1 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 2138 LSB/ALE calling T5L1 (CEDEF-Commander, Frigate Squadron).

08340.0 F21 (Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 2140 LSB/ALE calling CGA1 (Venezuelan Navy Headquarters).

08340.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 2145 LSB/ALE calling 1C3Z (Frigate "General Soublette F24).

08340.0 7R8C (Venezuelan Navy entity): 2154 LSB/ALE calling 6G8Y (Venezuelan Navy entity).

8 Nov:

02842.7 Unid: 0158 Stanag 4285. Strong signal here--poss French Navy or Canforce.

08888.7 O/M (Spanish): 0241 USB w/O/M (Spanish).

03596.0 KB3JAJ (HAM operator, Crownsville MD): 0250 USB/ALE sounding.

08340.0 F212 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 1000 LSB/ALE calling CGA2 (Venezuelan Navy HQs).

08340.0 CGA3 (Venezuelan Navy HQs): 1130 LSB/ALE calling F213 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21).

08155.5 O/M (Spanish): 1340 LSB w/O/M (Spanish).

08831.0 Gander (MWARA NAT-F): 1345 USB w/various acft.

10100.0 O/M (Spanish): 1400 USB w/unheard station. Contact initiated by whistling.

11085.0 Unid: 1410 HF FAX. Weak signal--clear decode not possible here.

07361.5 OPSFMH (AASF Massachusetts Army National Guard (ARNG), Otis ANGB MA): 1430 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding on 06911.5 USB.

07361.5 STPOPS (Minnesota ArNG, Army Avn Support Facility (AASF) St. Paul, MN): 1438 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding on 06911.5 USB.

07361.5 KBDLNG (Connecticut ArNG AASF, Bradley IAP, Windsor Locks CT): 1510 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding on 06911.5 USB.

06911.5 DKB (US Army JSOC, Ft Bragg NC): 2320 USB/ALE sounding.

9 Nov:

08218.0 O/M (Spanish): 0008 SB w/O/M (Spanish). Poss paramilitary--use of NATO phonetics & mention of Police.

08747.0 Y/L (Spanish): 0119 LSB w/unheard station.

05550.0 New York (MWARA CAR-A): 0144 USB w/various acft.

07361.5 OLATHE (prob Kansas ArNG unit, Olathe KS): 1400 USB/ALE sounding.

08278.7 O/M (Spanis): 2140 USB w/O/M (Spanish). Poss maritime link.

08151.7 Unid: 1443 Stamag 4285. Strong signal here--poss French Navy or Canforce.

08912.0 713 (USCG HC-130H #1713, CGAS Sacramento CA): 2358 USB/ALE calling J37 (USCG MH-60J #6037 CGAS San Diego CA).