Monday, December 21, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - HF 19-20 Dec 2009 - Mid Atlantic

Ron up in Maryland checks in again with more Milcom Blog Logs, this time from the HF spectrum. Thanks Ron for sharing. All times UTC and freqs are in KHz.

19 Dec:

07527.0 TSC (Customs National Law Enforcement Communications Center -- Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL ): 1345 USB/ALE calling KVQ (USCGC NANTUCKET WPB 1316 St. Petersburg, FL).

08047.0 RLD (Virginia ArNG Richland VA): 2116 USB/ALE sounding.

08345.0 RKW95 (Russian Navy): 0020 CW calling RIT (Russian Navy Northern Fleet HQ Severomorsk). RJH74 & RJD38 also noted calling.

08968.0 PLASPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, Lajes PO): 1412 USB/ALE sounding.

08968.0 CROSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, RAF Croughton UK): 2310 USB/ALE sounding. Nodes at Amdrews & McClellan also noted sounding.

08983.0 CaamsLant Chesapeake: 1826 USB w/CG 6607 (MH-65C Unknown location-weak) who reports ops normal.

11175.0 Reach 5419: 1739 USB w/unheard station.

11175.0 Andrews: 2006 USB w/Rama 41 (B-1B 77TH BS, ELLESWORTH AFB SD) in pp to 312-675-XXXX (Ellesworth Metro) --Andrews requests they QSY to 15010.0.

11232.0 Trenton Military: 1732 USB w/Canforce 2313 in radio checks and establishing selcal standby.

15010.0 Andrews: 2008 USB w/Rama 41 in pp w/Ellesworth Metro w/request for landing wx. First time for mne to see HFGSC stations use this freq.

20 Dec:

07361.5 OPSFMH (AASF Massachusetts Army National Guard (ARNG), Otis ANGB MA): 1823 USB/ALE sounding.

08171.5 C4M (prob US Army): 1800 USB/ALE sounding.

11175.0 Offutt: 1453 USB w/Reach 5147 in pp w/TACC 779-XXXX. Offutt requests they QSY to 11226.0.

11220.0 Offutt: 1506 USB w/Reach 5147.

11223.0 XSS (UK DHFCS, Forest Moor UK): 1955 USB/ALE sounding.

11226.0 Offutt: 1456 USB w/Reach 5147 (id as tail # 05-3147...C-130J 314thAW / 48thAS Little Rock AFB) in pp w/TACC 779-XXXX. Reach 5147 requests that since they have negative upload/download for Wright-Patterson AFB OH that they go direct to final destination of Little Rock AFB AR. Offutt has "issues" with his radio and advises that he will try to connect via the Puerto Rico remote location. Offutt id's self as Puerto Rico & requests they QSY to 11220.0.