Sunday, March 09, 2008

World QSL Book Now Available

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"The World QSL Book is an excellent guide for QSL collectors all over the world and can be highly recommended. It is useful for the beginner as well as for the DX-er who already has a big collection of QSL's. It is clearly and well written in a non-technical language." - Anker Petersen, DSWCI Short Wave News

Teak Publishing of Brasstown, North Carolina, has announced the release their first eBook – World QSL Book, 1st edition, by Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH. This is a complete guide to writing radio station reception reports and QSLing.

Radio hobbyists interested in receiving verifications from radio station now have a new CD-ROM publication to aid them in the art of QSLing. This 528-page eBook covers every aspect of collecting QSL cards and other acknowledgments from stations heard in the HF spectrum.

"The World QSL Book is a comprehensive resource and reference book on CD for any hobbyist who is interested in acquiring a verification of reception of almost any HF station, whether broadcast, utility, amateur radio, or unlicensed pirate or clandestine!" - Monitoring Times What's New column, October 2007.

This self-loading, easy-to-use reference begins with a comprehensive tutorial on how to QSL (verify) radio stations followed by address sections for broadcaster and utility stations. It is loaded with station addresses, internet websites, and email addresses. Coverage includes shortwave broadcasters (including clandestine and pirate stations); HF utility stations (civilian and military); and amateur radio QSL bureaus worldwide. It is the first comprehensive publication of its kind devoted to QSLing radio stations in the HF radio spectrum.

The book is written by MT QSL Report columnist Gayle Van Horn. In addition to the station address information, Gayle shares her 30 years of experience QSLing radio stations in an extensive introductory section on the art of QSLing that includes hints, tips and QSL techniques. If you are interested in QSLing the world of HF radio, then this book should be on your radio shack shelf.

"I have seen books about QSLing before but never as comprehensive as this one. The World QSL Book is a must for the radio hobbyist who wants to know how to write reception reports. A tutorial and address book covering every aspect of collecting QSL cards." -- Ary Boender, Utility DX Forum (UDXF)

Highlights from this new authoritative publication:

• Hints, Tricks and Tips of the Trade
• Prepared QSL Cards
• Most Wanted QSL List
• Multilingual Reporting
• Electronic QSLing and Creativity
• AM/FM Broadcast Station QSLing
• Continental/Regional/Country Shortwave Stations QSl Profiles
• QSL Non Broadcast Services
• QSLing Amateur Radio Stations
• Utility QSLing
• Shortwave broadcast Section
• Pirate Radio Stations
• HF Utility Stations
• Utility Coastal Stations
• Ships-Platforms-Rigs
• U.S. Coast Guard
• Canadian Coast Guard
• Amateur Radio IARU QSL Bureaus
plus more............................................

"Shortwave listeners now have a single, exhaustive CD source to identify the call signs and IDs heard in the busy 2-30 MHz global spectrum." - Bob Grove, President - Grove Enterprises and Publisher - Monitoring Times magazine.

The World QSL Book is published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) electronic format and is fully searchable/printable. It can be run on any computer platform and uses the Adobe Acrobat reader program (a free Internet download).

CD-ROM System requirements: Autorun function supported on Microsoft Windows 98 or later for PCs (Adobe Reader Version 6, 7 or 8 loaded to view publication). Publication PDF files can be view on any Apple Macintosh computer that has Preview or Adobe Reader ver. 7 or 8 loaded (no autorun function supported on Mac platforms).

"It is the first comprehensive publication of its kind devoted to QSLing radio stations in the HF radio spectrum." - Fred Osterman, Universal Radio.

World QSL Book, 528 pages. 1st Edition. © 2007, by Teak Publishing of Brasstown, North Carolina (ISBN: 978-0-9796311-0-8).

This book can be ordered from Grove Enterprises, Universal Radio, or direct from the publisher Teak Publishing.

If ordering from Teak Publishing the cost for this book is $19.95 plus $3.00 (US) and $5.00 (International) first class mail. We accept Paypal, Cash, Check or Money Order. Send email to Teak Publishing or snail mail to Teak Publishing, P.O. Box 297, Brasstown, NC 28902. NC residents must add state sales tax. Dealer inquiries and orders are welcomed at the Teak Publishing link above.