Sunday, November 28, 2010

N. Korea deploys SA-2 surface-to-air missiles near Yellow Sea border

The Yonhap News Agency is reporting that North Korea has deployed SA-2 surface-to-air missiles to its west coast near Yellow Sea border with South Korea.

"(The missiles) appear to be targeting our fighter jets that fly near the Northern Limit Line (NLL)," the source said on customary condition of anonymity, referring to the Yellow Sea border.

The Soviet-designed SA-2 missile has a range of between 13 and 30 kilometers. Other missiles on the North's west coast, such as the Samlet and Silkworm with ranges of up to 95km, have also been put onto launch pads, the source said.

"The military is preparing for the possibility of further provocations as the North Korean military has deployed firepower near the NLL and is preparing to fire," the source said.