Saturday, December 18, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 17 Dec 2010 - Baltimore MD

Our friend Ron Perron from Baltimore MD checks in with his latest Milcom logs. Thanks Ron for sharing.

ACY-Atlantic City NJ
ADW- Andrews AFB MD
BW- Bay Watch-NAS PAX Area Advisory Control
DAA- Davison AAF, Ft Belvoir VA
DCA- Reagan National Airport/CGAS Washington, Wash DC
GK- Giantkiller (FACSFAC, Virginia Capes)
LFI- Langley AFB VA
MTN-Martin State Airport, Baltimore
NGTF-Northrop-Grumman Test Facility, Baltimore
NTPS- Naval Test Pilot School, PAX
NXX- Willow Grove JRB PA
PAX-NAS Patuxent River MD
PTC- Potomac Area TRACON
ZDC- Washington ARTCC

1. VHF/UHF: ((Times are EST))

0743- PAT 01 (UH-60, DAA)-w/Leesburg Radio (255.4) opening flt plan from Weide AAF MD to Davison AAF VA.
0746- SAM 8672 (99th AS ADW)-depart ADW then check in w/ZDC Montebello (121.675)
0813- Venus 93 (VC-32A # 98-0003, 1st AS ADW)-depart ADW.
0839- Venus 50 (C-20C # 85-0050, 99th AS ADW)-depart ADW. Also w/SAM Control (142.75) advising they are headed to Salisbury for about an hour of pattern work.
0954- Blackjack 1 (HH-65C, CGAS Wash DCA)-radio checks w/Huntress (139.7)
0957- Reach 802 (id as heavy C-17)-land at ADW.
1001- Hawk 01 (C-21A, 457th AS ADW)-w/Griffin CP (378.1)w/inbound m sg & asking that CP contact their sqdn, the 457th AS.
1005- PAT 166-land at ADW. Departs from ADW at 1050 then w/ZDC Calvert (133.9)
1010- Marine 767 (UC-35 # 166767, VMR-4 ADW)-land at ADW.
1107- DeeCee 51 & 51 (KC-135Rs, 756th ARS ADW)-depart ADW. DeeCee 51 does some pattern work at DOV (132.425) seperate from DeeCee 52. Then gets clearance to rejoin w/DeeCee 52 and to head up off the NJ coast for some AAR work. Return to ADW at 1415.
1152- PAT 228 (prob C-12, 2/228th AVN NXX)w/ZDC Cape Charles (132.55)
1421- Reach 982T-land at ADW.
1425- Navy 377 (C-37 # 166377 VR-1 ADW)-land at ADW
1433- Reach 313-w/DOV CP (134.1) w/inbound msg.
1437- Avalon 39 (C-40, 375th AW, Scott AFB, IL)-w/ZDC Montebello (121.675)
1441- Sliver/Slipper 31 flt (3 X F-22s, LFI)-depart from W396 (238.1)
1445- Viking 83 (id as C-130, 934th AW Minneapolis-St Paul MN)-land at ADW.
1449- Army 301 (UC-35 # 01-0301 OSACOM ADW)-land at ADW
1545- Maple 37 (F-16C/D 134th FS, VT ANG Burlington VT)-w/ZDC Cape Charles (132.55) then w/ZDC Woodstowne (363.0)
1618- Ocean 31 (C-130J 115TH AS CA ANG NAS PT MUGU CA)-land at ADW.