Friday, December 03, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 2 Dec 2010 Brasstown NC

Monitored the USAF CAP National ALE network and here is the result of that monitoring session. All frequencies are kHz and mode is ALE/USB.

2011.0 JNR
3204.0 0148KYCAP 043MERCAP
3385.0 043MERCAP
4477.0 0004MSCAP 0148KYCAP 6700ARCAP 034MERCAP 043MERCAP 202SERCAP
5006.0 0004MSCAP 0112GACAP 0148KYCAP 0181ALCAP 0360FLCAP
6773.0 043MERCAP
6806.0 0004MSCAP 0004WICAP 0011ARCAP 0011RICAP 0021CTCAP 0011DCCAP 0012GACAP 0181ALCAP 6700ARCAP 043MERCAP 101NCRCAP
7602.0 074 0004WICAP 0011ARCAP 0011DCCAP 0025CTCAP 0148KYCAP 0181ALCAP 0360FLCAP 6700ARCAP 034MERCAP 100SWRCAP 101NCRCAP 202SERCAP
8012.0 074 0004MSCAP 0004NYCAP 0004WICAP 0011ARCAP 0011DCCAP 0011RICAP 0021CTCAP 0025CTCAP 0360FLCAP 0748MOCAP 6700ARCAP 034MERCAP 058NHQCAP 202SERCAP
9047.0 0004WICAP 0011DCCAP 0011RICAP 4800MNCAP 6700ARCAP 058NHQCAP 202SERCAP
10162.0 0004NYCAP 0011ARCAP 0011DCCAP 0021CTCAP 0360FLCAP 100SWRCAP
11402.0 0010PACAP 0011RICAP 0021CTCAP 0025CTCAP 0360FLCAP 042RMRCAP
12081.0 0004NYCAP 0021CTCAP 100SWRCAP 101NCRCAP
13415.0 001RICAP 0025CTCAP 4800MNCAP
14357.0 0011NHCAP 0025CTCAP 4800MNCAP
15602.0 042RMRCAP
17412.0 042RMRCAP

The following frequencies have been identified as USAF CAP National ALE network freqs: 2011.0 3204.0 4477.0 5006.0 6806.0 7602.0 8012.0 9047.0 10162.0 11402.0 12081.0 13415.0 14357.0 15602.0 17412.0 19814.0 25354.0 kHz.

I have tentatively identified some possible CAP regional nets that will be ramping up bigtime next year, but it is a bit to early to publish at this point. More on that is more on-the-air data becomes available.