Thursday, December 30, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 29 Dec 2010 - Baltimore MD

Our friend Ron Perron from Baltimore MD checks in with his latest HF Milcom logs. Thanks Ron for sharing.

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

08912.0 1419Z CamsLant Chesapeake w/F29 (HU-25C+ # 2129 CGAS Cape Cod MA)

08912.0 1449Z CamsLant w/CG 1720 (HH-130, CGAS Clearwater FL) who reports departure from Clearwater w/10 POB for an 87 LE (Law Enforcement) mission.

08912.0 2109Z CG 1720 (after ALE handshakes) w/CG Sector Key West (not heard) advising Key West that they will call Rescue helo # 6570 (MH-65C CGAS Miami FL) on VHF channel 23A. CG 1720 advises Key West that they have 6570's radio guard as of 2109Z.

08983.0 1518Z CamsLant w/CG 2002 (HC-130J CGAS Elizabeth City NC--not heard) who reports they are RTB homeplate.

11175.0 1420Z Andrews w/EAM NMRGKG

11175.0 1558Z Offutt w/Reach 7045 w/ground radio checks. Reach 7045 was actually xmitting on 11175.4.

11175.0 1730Z Reach 974 calling Mainsail. Radio checks w/Andrews.

11175.0 2128Z Andrews w/EAM 43OFCV

11232.0 1658Z Trenton Military w/Atlas 323 (CC-130E # 130323, 436th Sqdn CFB Trenton Ontario) who reports they are enroute to Thunder Bay for some SAR training. Trenton advises that there is no traffic from Trenton RCC and that they have permission to drop the SAR jumpers during training at Thunder Bay. At 2055Z Atlas 323 asks Trenton Military to relay to Winnepeg Duty Ops that they will be landing in 30 mins.