Friday, December 31, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 30 Dec 2010 - Baltimore MD

Our friend Ron Perron from Baltimore MD checks in with his latest HF Milcom logs. Thanks Ron for sharing.

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

08337.6 1354Z Extensive ANDVT. Prob Coast Guard. ANDVT comms noted intermitently throughout the day.

08912.0 2140Z After ALE handshake, 719 (HC-130 # 1719, CGAS Clearwater FL) w/Miami Air Ops (not heard). 719 reports they have completed seqrch of the area in the Florida Straits and will be RTB in 15 mins. At 2245Z 719 advises CamsLant theat they are on final for homeplate and secures radio guard.

08983.0 1245Z CamsLant Chesapeake w/CG 2002 (HC-130J CGAS Elizabeth City NC-not heard).

08983.0 1319Z CamsLant w/CG 2129 (HU-25C+ CGAS Cape Cod MA-not heard) who reports departure from CGAS Cape Cod w/5 POB for local training mission.

08983.0 1554Z CamsLant w/CG 2129 who reports they are airborne again from CGAS Cape Cod and are located at 4351N/6913W on course of 207 degrees at speed of 280 kts.

08983.0 1921Z CamsLant w/unid acft (call missed) who reports "ops normal" at position 2731N/7945W. NOTE: CamsLant's xmitter has been very distorted/overmodulated all day making him very difficult to read.

08983.0 2039Z CamsLant w/CG 2102 (HU-25D CGAS Miami FL) who reports on final for homeplate CGAS Miami and securing radio guard.

08992.0 1531Z Abdrews w/EAM 43HB53

08992.0 2050Z Andrews w/EAM 43WV6C. Same EAM rebroadcast at 2130Z.

08992.0 2055Z Jimbo 71 (sounds like) calling Mainsail w/no response.

08992.0 2302Z Andrews w/EAM 43L77T.

08992.0 2334Z Andrews w/EAM 43S7NN. Same EAM rebroadcast at 0000Z

08992.4 2305Z Islander (sounds like-prob NAOC) w/EAM 43OWYX. Also on 11175.0 but a little off on 8992. Same EAM rebroadcast at 2330Z. Again acft is a little off on 8922.4.

11175.0 1900Z Andrews w/EAM 43PG2U. Same EAM rebroadcast at 1931Z.

11175.0 1954Z Andrews w/Reach 569 who requests pp w/Hilda Metro DSN 779-XXXX for current wx at Dover AFB DE at 3040Z.

11175.0 2209Z Rawhide 03 (C-2A VRC-40,NAS Norfolk VA) calling Mainsail. Answered by Andrews--Rawhide 03 requests pp to commercial #. Rawhide advises the freq is choppy so they QSY to 11220.0.

11220.0 2212Z Andrews & Rawhide 03 in pp to 1-800-458-3498. Rawhide 03 advises they are 1.5 hours away from undisclosed location and orders fuel