Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 28 Dec 2010 - Baltimore MD

Our friend Ron Perron from Baltimore MD checks in with his latest HF Milcom logs. Thanks Ron for sharing.

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

08912.0 1430Z CamsLant Chesapeake w/Bosco 33 (C-5A 60th AMW, Travis AFB, CA-not heard) who has equipment malfunction and is diverting to Elizabeth City NC. CamsLant will inform homeplate of problem.

08912.0 1609Z CamsLant w/K98 (HH-65C # 6598, CGAS Elizabeth City NC) who reports departure from CGAS E-City for local training w/3 POB and pisition is 3612N/7545W. At 1640Z K98 reports "ops normal" & position as 3514N/7534W.

11175.0 1258Z Andrews w/EAM NMY3LR.

11175.0 1600Z CAP 8643 (sounds like) calling Mainsail w/no response.

11175.0 1614Z Andrews w/Wylie 21 (KC-135, 117Th ARS 190th ARW KS ANG Topeka KS) who requests any current traffic. Andrews replies there is no current traffic and passes last trafffic of 43FVHJ and Wylie 21 QSL's.

11175.0 2149 Andrews w/EAM 43KX6G

11232.0 1630Z Canforce 4238 (CC-130J #130602/8 WG, 436 SQN, CFB Trenton, Ontario) w/Trenton Military advising he is in Sector 3. Canforce 4238 reports "ops normal" and requests any traffic. Trenton patches them into unid control (prob 8 Wing who advises that there appears to be a problem with their flt plan to Lajes (LPLA). Canforce 4238 advises they already have occeanic clearance to Lajes so they are proceeding. Then asks Trenton for wx at CFB Halifax and CFB Greenwood. Also requests wx for Lajes, Santa Maria (Azores), & San Miguel (Azores).