Wednesday, May 13, 2009

International Callsign Handbook v2 Now Available

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"I’m impressed. This is a comprehensive collection of worldwide radio identifiers likely (and even some less likely) to be heard on the air. Over the years the Van Horns have earned the well-deserved respect of the monitoring community. Accurately assembling a collection like this is a mammoth undertaking. Congratulations on a job well done." Bob Grove - December 2008 Whats New Column, Monitoring Times magazine

"The International Callsign Handbook is a concise world directory on CD-ROM of thousands of various types of radio station identifications covering military, government, maritime, aeronautical and fixed radio stations." Popular Communications magazine - January 2009 - In Gear Column.

"When browsing through the chapters my first reaction is that the ICH is a useful book. It hosts quite an impressive list of tactical and official callsigns of fixed service stations, aeronautical, maritime, civilian, military and government stations, and amateur propagation beacons. The book covers utility stations from all over the world, but the majority of the callsigns in the book, both tactical and official, belong to stations in North & South America which makes the ICH especially interesting for dxers with a focus on the America’s...This book is a valuable asset to the hobby. I am sure that many dxers will enjoy it." Review by Ary Boender for the Utility DXers Forum.

Teak Publishing is proud to announce the release their second eBook – International Callsign Handbook, 2nd edition, by Gayle and Larry Van Horn.

Radio hobbyists interested in receiving and identifying radio stations in the HF/VHF/UHF radio spectrums now have a new whopping 1414 page CD-ROM publication to aid them.

International Callsign Handbook is a concise world directory of various types of radio station identifications covering the military, government, maritime, aeronautical, and fixed radio stations on CD-ROM. Thousands of callsigns and other types of identifiers have been collected from our own personal log book, official sources and dedicated hobbyists who contributed their material.

The 12 chapters of this new eBook cover the following subjects:

● Chapter 1 – Introductory material

● Chapter 2 – Extensive lists of resource information useful in interpreting the individual entries for each identification listed in the book. We have included sections on U.S. Navy ship/squadron classifications; U.S. Coast Guard cutter designators; a massive list of abbreviations and acronyms that appear in the book; a comprehensive country abbreviation list; and the latest Table of Allocations of International Callsigns from the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

● Chapter 3 – Special chapter devoted to monitoring ACARS communications. For the aviation buff, we have included an extensive list of the abbreviations and a sample message type used by aircraft when communicating using this digital radio system.

● Chapter 4 – Comprehensive lists of internationally assigned callsigns.

● Chapter 5 – Worldwide listing of airline callsigns and ICAO codes.

● Chapter 6 – Covers the new field of decoding ICAO24 codes from aircraft. Our list in this edition will primarily cover military aircraft.

● Chapter 7 – Provides a large sample of military Selcal codes that have been recently decoded by on-the-air monitoring.

● Chapter 8 – Civilian Marine Vessel Callsigns.

● Chapter 9 – Introductory material on monitoring the marine GMDSS frequencies with coastal and ship MMSI identifications.

● Chapter 10 This chapter covers the new and exciting field of Automatic Link Establishment or ALE monitoring in the HF radio spectrum and includes a very large list of ALE addresses.

● Chapter 11 – The largest chapter in this book is an extensive listing of Tactical Callsign and Code Words. This chapter covers government and military tactical calls and selected code words for services and agencies worldwide.

● Chapter 12 – is a collection of U.S. military call words that change, usually on a daily basis. The call words presented in this chapter are usually used by various elements of the Strategic Forces such as airborne command post, TACAMO aircraft, GEP or ground entry point stations, and other units worldwide.

The International Callsign Handbook is published in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) electronic format and is fully searchable/printable. It can be run on any computer platform and uses the Adobe Acrobat reader program (a free Internet download).

CD-ROM System requirements:
Autorun function supported on Microsoft Windows 98 or later for PCs (Adobe Reader Versions 6, 7 or 8 must be installed to view publication). Publication PDF files can be view on any Apple Macintosh computer that has Preview or Adobe Reader versions 7 or 8 installed (no Autorun function supported on Mac platforms). Vista platform users have special instructions included in order the view the eBook on the CD-ROM.

The book is written by MT QSL Report columnist Gayle Van Horn, W4GVH, and Larry Van Horn, N5FPW, MT's Assistant Editor/Milcom columnist. If you want to identify who you are hearing on your radio, then this book should be on your radio shack shelf.

International Callsign Handbook, 1414 pages. 2nd Edition. © 2008, by Teak Publishing of Brasstown, North Carolina. (ISBN: 978-0-9796311-1-5).

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