Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RJH90 Time/Frequency Reference Transmissions in New Time Slot

I have always been interested in Russian Military Comms. Now one of the world's leading monitors in this area is Trond J has posted some fascinating information on their VLF network. Late last week Trond posted the following to the UDXF newsgroup. Thanks Trond and that was a great catch.

"Since some time back, RJH90 the 270th communication hub of the Russian Navy General Staff near the village of Druznyj, (south of Nizhniy Novgorod), has been using also the 0700 UTC (summer) / 0800 UTC (winter) slot for time/frequency reference transmissions on 25 kHz. This slot complements the 0400 UTC (summer) / 0500 UTC (winter) slot already in use by RJH90. ID is made by using a fast, 30.5 wpm morse, sent on 25.0 kHz at hh:06 in the RJH90's timeslots. More info regarding Russian VLF "timesignal" transmissions to be found on (quite fun to see now, so many years after the article was published, how many that has been using copy/paste on this article without spotting the "mistake" of namegiving RJH90 as RJH99."