Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New Uniden Scanners Announced - Great for Milcom Monitoring

Uniden has made the following announcement regarding two new scanners that are perfect for Milcom monitoring.

Today Uniden is announcing two new scanner models: The BCD996XT and BCT15X base / mobile scanners bring the latest improvements to Uniden's core scanner platform to the mobile scanner audience.

Complete details about these scanners will soon be available covered in our main Scanner Manuals site, but here are some of the features added to the new models:

More memory

BCD996XT: 25,000 channels
BCT15X: 9,000 channels

Fully automatic P25 decoding (BCD996XT only)

Enhanced GPS compatibility -- controls the scanning of groups of channels within systems.

More channels per system -- up to 500 channels per trunked system.

Channel Number Tagging -- lets you quickly select a channel for monitoring.

Fire Tone-Out Search -- helps to identify the tones used on fire paging dispatch channels.

Band Scope -- provides a visual representation of activity within a selected frequency range to help quickly identify active frequencies or sources of interference.

Multi-Color Display Backlight (BCD996XT only) -- lets you have the scanner alert you to particular channel activity using specific colors.

NAC Decoding -- lets you lelect specific NAC codes to limit reception to only the desired agency. (BCD996XT only)

Individual Channel Volume Offset -- helps to compensate for agencies that over- or under-modulate consistently.

Priority ID scan for trunked systems -- assigns preference to priority channels when evaluating incoming channel grants.

Preemptive Priority for Motorola Systems -- jumps to a priority channel even if the scanner is on a differerent voice communication on the system (requires compatible system-side priority assignments).

And more...

Availability for both models is expected late Summer, 2009.

In a week or so we'll have all the details for all the new features as well as in-depth instructions posted at Scanner Manuals.