Friday, May 15, 2009

Milair Frequency Changes - 5/15/2009 +MT Milcom Announcement

In my June Milcom column in Monitoring Times magazine I have a comprehensive profile of NORAD including the first and most up-to-date list of frequencies published since the NEADS and SEADS merged into the Eastern Air Defense Sector. So if your tired of old stuff and your NORAD list needs a face lift, be sure to get a copy of the June issue of Monitoring Times via MT Express shortly and on newsstands later this month.

You can purchase this single issue in electronic pdf format (MT Express) for $3.00 by calling 800-438-8155 or emailing MT Express is full color throughout -- no black and white pages -- and the links are active, and it only costs $19.95 per year, whereas the paper version has risen to $32.95 per year! A true bargain!

Now it is time for some more aero frequency changes, updates and corrections from the Milcom MP Quik-Stop . . .

118.1250 FACSFAC Vacapes, Albemarle Sound NC/R-5301 and Harvey Point NC/R-5302A /B / C "Giant Killer," Washington ARTCC on 123.850 no longer controlling these restricted areas
119.2000 Scott AFB/MidAmerica IL (KBLV) Ground Control
119.5500 Lone Star Executive (Houston) TX (KCXO) Clearance Delivery (when field is closed)
119.8750 Scott AFB/MidAmerica (KBLV) Clearance Delivery, ex-121.7500
120.4500 Lone Star Executive (Houston) TX (KCXO) Clearance Delivery/Ground Control
121.6250 Cecil Field FL (KVQQ) Clearance Delivery/Ground Control
122.0000 FSS Leesburg Hub VA (KJYO)
122.1000R FSS Nashvile TN (KBNA)
122.2000 FSS St. Louis MO (KSUS) Spirit of St. Louis RCO
122.2000 FSS Prescott AZ (KPRC)
122.2000 FSS St. Petersburg FL (KPIE)
122.2000 FSS Kankakee IL (KIKK)
122.2000 FSS Lansing MI (KLAN)
122.2000 FSS Princeton MN (KPNM)
122.2000 FSS Columbia MO (KCOU)
122.2000 FSS Raleigh NC (KRDU)
122.2000 FSS Nashvile TN (KBNA)
122.2000 FSS Leesburg Hub VA (KJYO)
122.4000 FSS Prescott AZ (KPRC)
122.4500 FSS St. Petersburg FL (KPIE)
122.4500 FSS Raleigh NC (KRDU)
122.5000 FSS Seattle (KSEA)
122.5500 FSS Nashvile TN (KBNA)
122.6000 FSS St. Louis MO (KSTL) RCO1
122.6000 FSS Fort Worth (KFTW)
122.6000 FSS Leesburg Hub VA (KJYO)
122.6500 FSS Columbia MO (KCOU)
122.6500 FSS Raleigh NC (KRDU)
123.1250 McConnell AFB KS (KIAB) Boeing Ramp Monitor, frequency has been removed from service
123.1250 Wichita Radio KS (KICT)
123.6000 FSS St. Petersburg FL (KPIE)
123.6250 Houston Southwest TX (KAXH) AWOS-3
124.1250 Lone Star Executive (Houston) TX (KCXO) Tower
124.1500 Cap Cod CGAS MA (KFMH) Ground Control
124.6750 Beatrice Muni NE (KBIE) AWOS-3
125.5250 Cape Girardeau Regional (KCGI) Tower, ex-119.000
127.7000 Destin-Fort Walton Beach FL (KDTS) Clearance Delivery
128.2500 Scott AFB/MidAmerica IL (KBLV) Tower
233.7000 FACSFAC Vacapes, Albemarle Sound NC/R-5301 and Harvey Point NC/R-5302A/B/C "Giant Killer," Washington ARTCC on 323.000 no longer controlling these restricted areas
236.7750 Shreveport Regional LA (KSHV) Tower/Ground Control, ex-381.6000
253.5000 Scott AFB/MidAmerica IL (KBLV) Tower
257.1000 Cheyenne Regional (Jerry Olson Field) WY (KCYS) ANG Operations/Command Post, ex-225.525 (Cowboy operations/command post)
263.0250 Scott AFB/MidAmerica IL (KBLV) Clearance Delivery
275.8000 Scott AFB/MidAmerica IL (KBLV) Ground Control
282.2250 Longview Approach/Departure Control (West at or below 5k ft) TX: East Texas Regional (KGGG), ex-385.4000
291.7750 Little Rock Approach Control: Adams Field AR (KLIT) Searcy Muni (KSRC), ex-385.6000
343.2000 Wichita Radio KS (KICT)

Note: The frequencies 2866.0 and 5631.0 kHz for the Cold Bay FSS in Alaska are apparently no being used.