Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jones Beach NY Airshow Report

Our friend up New York way, Phil - W2LIE, passes along this excellent airshow report for the Jones Beach Airshow held last weekend. Thanks Phil and welcome to the MMP team.

141.0750 MHz -- Used by the Thunderbirds as their diamond formation frequency both on and off the ground.

235.2500 MHz -- Used by the Thunderbirds solo artists during the show. Once the show was over this frequency was quiet.

123.4750 MHz -- Used by quiet a few of the performers. Unfortunately I didn't keep track of who was using it when. It did pop up on the scanner several times during the day. A few days prior to the show, 123.4750 MHz was also used for the media press shots of the planes flying by local landmarks. I have some archived audio that I need to put online for that.

128.2500 MHz -- One late find was the Thunderbirds were referring to Republic Airport's clearance delivery frequency as the "Airshow Frequency."

My Jones Beach Airshow thread has any log info for the week.

In addition to the airshow at Jones Beach, Fleet week was underway in New York City (approximately 45 min to 90 minutes west of here depending on the time of the day)

The USMC Helicopter Demo team did a tour of the local area. They did a performance at one of the local parks so I took a trip over there. Two years ago they used 315.4000 MHz (as captured via Close Call). This year, the frequency was sent through the PA system setup around the demo perimeter. We were able to hear them coming into the park before we heard the choppers. Once overhead, the scanners locked right on. 237.4000 MHz AM was the frequency in use this year. This seemed to be the only frequency the scanner picked out. More info on the event can be found here:

I will have some pictures on my site in the gallery. Shots from two years ago are here:

Phil -- Long Island Live Scanner Feeds and Forums,

If you have a report from one of the airshows, we can use your help. Please pass them along to the email address in the masthead above. You can remain anonymous if you want or need to.

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