Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Monitoring Times 2009 Airshow Guide Available Online

The Monitoring Times editorial staff has now posted their 10th annual MT Airshow Guide to the magazine's website. The nine page Adobe pdf file has become one of the magazine's most popular online downloads in the last few years.

The original guide started out in 1999 as a two page list of airshow demo team frequencies in the magazine's monthly Milcom column. It has since grown into the its current form that includes a cover story and the magazine's monthly Milcom column.

The Airshow Guide is written and compiled each year by Monitoring Times columnist and assistant editor, Larry Van Horn. "My role in compiling the guide each year is the easy part," said Larry. "The real heros are the radio monitors who share their airshow intercepts. I am deeply greatful to all the great radio hobbyist who take the time to report what they have heard at each of the airshows. Without these folks there would be no airshow guide."

Larry says it is important that any and all frequencies heard at a show be reported. "Even if it is on our list, I need to see what is really being heard in order to delete anything that has gone away. No sense in loading up a scanner with freqs that aren't being used. That is the problem I have with most lists on the net and those that circulate on newsgroups, they are simply out of date because the authors can't seem to get rid of old freqs."

You can download your free copy the new 2009 Airshow Guide at and remember to share the frequencies you observe at the airshows with Larry via his MT email address listed in the airshow guide.