Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Jones Beach Air Show/T-Bird Freq Updates and an "Atta Boy"

Received a nice email from Phil, W2LIE:

Google Alerts notified me this morning that you posted my info onto your blog site. I just wanted to let you know that I couldn't put the Air Show online if it wasn't for the MT Airshow Guide ( Without it, I wouldn't have any frequencies to listen to. Thanks for all of the hard work. I will be trying to capture the F/A-18 frequencies for you this week. They are landing Thursday morning so I will be along the fence with my scanner on.

I wanted to let you know that the Thunderbirds have landed. I can confirm with out a doubt 141.075 MHz (the new diamond freq) is in use. They were using it both in the air and on the ground while coming into town.

Thanks again & 73
Phil / w2lie

So contrary what has been reported elsewhere on the net in the last week, the T-Birds are NOT leaving their VHF for freqs in the 200 MHz and UHF milair ranges. If you don't hear any of the freqs listed in our guide at a show, put your scanner in search or close call modes. I guarantee the T-Birds are still using their VHF freqs for the diamond (as noted by Phil above).

Remember as first reported on this blog keep an eye out on the following VHF frequencies for T-Bird diamond activity:

139.2250, 139.8000, 140.7000, 141.0750 (New for 2009 and first reported on March 22 on this blog at El Centro airshow), 143.2500, 143.7000, 148.1250, 148.8500, and 150.1500 plus all the other freqs listed on page 2 of our MT Airshow Guide.

Thanks for the kind words Phil. Also thanks from the entire monitoring community for streaming the Jones Beach Airshow. Remember you can monitor Phil's stream at Up to the minute schedules can be found at You can track updates and feed activity on his site in the forums: