Sunday, May 24, 2009

Andrews AFB Airshow Report - VHF Freq Reported

I am happy to post that I have received a report of frequencies used by the T-Birds and Golden Knights last weekend at the Andrews AFB airshow. And contrary to what has been posted elsewhere on the Internet, the T-Birds did use a VHF frequency.
In fact, it was the new VHF frequency first posted to this blog back in March (noted at the El Centro show) and several times since -- 141.0750 MHz. So to the folks on that list who theorized that the T-Birds were moving to other freqs in the UHF spectrum only, you need to untheorize, it isn't happening.

Here is the Andy Airshow report from our anonymous contributor (and thanks a million for sharing).

123.4750 MHz -- Golden Knights. Communication between the ground and jumpers giving wind speed and conditions etc.

141.0750 MHz -- Victor channel simulcast

235.2500 MHz -- T-Birds solos. Also monitored the pre-flight brief (high show etc.) and their pre-show "poem."

235.2500 and 379.2000 MHz -- T-Birds traffic. Unfortunately I didn't note which of these two was the primary air-air for the formation flying. I heard all of it, so it has to have been on one of these two.

413.2750 MHz -- T-Birds ground team at the comm cart communicating with team prior to take-off (mentioning lots of FOD on ramp etc.)
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