Sunday, March 22, 2009

Airshow Update and New T-Bird VHF Freq

Mark Johnson in Anaheim sent all some airshow confirmations and (he thinks) a new Tbird freq.

3/14 El Centro:
Blue Angels used 346.500 305.500 284.2500 275.350 and 237.800, all per our MT show guide descriptions as to usage.

3/21 Luke:
Thunderbirds used 413.275 216.975 216.725 235.250 and (new?) 141.075 MHz (new on my list Mark-Jefe).

All were per MT show guide descriptions with 141.075 being used for the Diamond. I didn't catch a designator for this (Victor xx) as I didn't find it until after the Diamond was aloft.

All heard using Radio Shack Pro-60... you left this one out of your guide of discontinued but usable air show radios. Maybe I've got the last five which work? ;)

Thanks Mark and great to see that the T-Bird VHF frequency chase will probably continue this year as well.