Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Blue Angels Perform at NAF El Centro - First Show of the New Season

Dan "the man" Harvison was out in the desert near El Centro on March 14 and monitored the first Blue Angel flight demonstration team performance of the 2009 airshow season.

He heard the formation team on 275.3500 and 284.2500 MHz. He also heard the solo aircraft on 237.8000 MHz. Thanks for sharing those freqs with the rest of us Dan.

Also Ike Mizuguchi monitored the team during their training period in El Centro. He confirms that 139.8125 MHz and 142.6125 MHz are being used for maintenance and ground communications.

So based on these first two reports, I see no changes so far in the lineup of BA freqs from what I published in the 2009 MT Airshow Guide (the March 2009 issue of Monitoring Times magazine available from Grove Enterprises in paper and electronic format).

This coming weekend both teams will be in action. The Blue Angels will be performing
in Punta Gorda, Florida at the 2009 Florida International Air Show (

The T-Birds will be at Luke AFB, Arizona at the Luke Days 2009 airshow (

I hope that those who attend these events will report what they heard.

And remember, we can always use your reports of what you heard at the airshow. Every airshow report is important and helps us put together and keep accurate the only airshow monitoring guide of its kind -- the annual MT Airshow Guide. Even if you just confirm the frequencies that we already have, those sort of reports are extremely important to us. And if you want to remain anonymous, we can do that also.

So please, if you attend a show this season, and use our airshow guide and this blog, how about sending along a report of what you heard. These reports are the backbone of our annual airshow guide and are sincerely appreciated by all that use it.

I have been asked by someone when I will publish the free edition of the airshow guide online at the MT website? As a courtesy to the paying readers of MT (they make the magazine possible and we do appreciate these folks a lot), I will not release the free edition until late April or early May. If you want a copy any earlier, you are gonna have to shell out some cash. The free bunch will have to wait a bit to get a copy.