Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Klakring Actively Engaged in Loyal Mariner 09

By Ensign Peter Goodman, USS Klakring Public Affairs

USS KLAKRING, At Sea (NNS) -- USS Klakring (FFG 42), currently assigned to Commander, Standing NATO Maritime Group 1, is fully engaged in conducting maritime warfare scenarios as part of NATO's Loyal Mariner (LM) 09 exercise series.

The exercise, which began March 2, has given participating NATO allies the opportunity to strengthen both their interoperability with other navies and each ship's own tactical warfighting skills.

In the waters off the coast of Sardinia, Klakring, along with approximately 28 surface ships, 20 aircraft, and two submarines are conducting real-time surface, air and undersea warfare as well as maritime interdiction operations as part of NATO's robust training scenarios.

"U.S. participation in these exercises reiterates our commitment to our enduring partners throughout Europe who have been and continue to be strong allies," remarked Klakring Commanding Officer Cmdr. Scott M. Smith.

With several days still left in the exercise, Klakring is hoping to gain additional opportunities to flex its command and control systems to prepare for future engagements with NATO ships.

Klakring has been operating with the German ship FGS Emden and the Portuguese ship NRP Alvares Cabral prior to beginning LM 09.

"The NATO alliance is nearing 60 years of providing peace and stability; those aboard Klakring have fathers and grandfathers that have served under that same flag," Smith added.

Klakring and fellow NATO ships continue to build upon that robust heritage every day while operating to promote peace and stability.

Klakring is currently on a scheduled six-month deployment and is assigned to Commander, Destroyer Squadron 14.