Monday, March 30, 2009

Airshow Update and T-Bird VHF Freq Confirmation

This last weekend the Blue Angels performed at Tyndall and the T-Birds performed at MacDill. I did not receive any Tyndall reports, but did get two field reports from the MacDill performance. And I am happy to report that both reports confirmed my earlier post on the first T-Bird airshow of the season and a new VHF freq for the team of 141.0750 MHz.

A-10 Flight Demo 122.4750 MHz
Ed Hamill Hamster Bi-plane 123.1500 MHz
F-15 Eagle 376.0250 MHz
Heritage Flight (F-15/A-10/P-51) 136.6750 MHz
MacDill Airboss (various acts) 126.1500/292.2000 MHz
T-Birds 141.0750/235.2500 MHz

So did anyone attend Tyndall with a scanner?

This weekend the T-Birds are performing at Keesler AFB, Mississippi - Thunder on the Bay and the Blues are at Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Tuscaloosa Air Show

Any and all field reports are appreciated, even if the freqs are already on our frequency list. Confirmation of active freqs at each location is important in keeping our annual airshow guide up-to-date.

You can send your reports directly to me at n5fpw at I want to thank both of the anonymous reporters who sent their freqs in from MacDill for this week's report. Thanks fellows for thinking of the Milcom Monitoring Post (MMP).

AirFest 2009 complete success.

by Staff Sgt. Patrice Clarke, 6th Air Mobility Wing Public Affairs

MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE, Fla -- AirFest 2009 ended in a resounding success.

The event gave Team MacDill an opportunity to show our appreciation to the local Tampa community by opening our doors to the public and inviting them to enjoy some of what the men and women of the U.S. Military do every single day.

Saturday provided a spectacular backdrop for dynamic aerial displays along with the ground attractions and static displays. Though the skies dropped much needed rain on the Tampa Bay area cancelling Sunday morning's performances, the afternoon skies cleared for exceptional ariel viewing.

The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds headlined AirFest 2009, returning after more than three years. This year, the Thunderbirds celebrate 56 years of representing the more than 500,000 Airmen, National Guardsmen and Reservists worldwide. While at the AirFest this year, the team embodied the same pride, precision and professionalism that all the men and women of the U.S Air Force exhibit every single day. While here, the Thunderbirds attended local area schools and put on a special performance for children in the Make a Wish foundation, Children's Cancer Center and the Shriners Hospitals for Children.

As true professionals, the team also took the time after their performances to meet the members of the Tampa Bay community and to sign autographs. They took every opportunity to engage, by mingling with spectators, accommodating photo requests and letting the Tampa community get a closer look at the Thunderbirds.

Safety was paramount this year. More than 300 Security Forces and Office of Special Investigation Airmen were available to provide water, sunscreen and ear plugs to all members of the public. Security Forces also received 370 trained Air Force volunteers and support from 11 local security agencies to assist with the security of the event and ensure the safety of the local community. To respond immediately to any medical emergency, the 6th Medical Group was also available with medical personnel located throughout the spectator area with additional medics in vehicles ready to respond to any incident.

We would like to thank the entire Tampa community for the part they played in the success of the event. The Tampa Police Department, Tampa Fire and Rescue and corporate sponsors all played in an integral part in ensuring the success of the AirFest 2009. A special thanks is also given to the local media outlets that came out this year to help cover this important event. As a result of the hard work of all these agencies, the spectators were able to come out and enjoy a one of kind show in Tampa.