Friday, March 06, 2009

New Atlanta ARTCC UHF frequency

This morning while searching the UHF milair band I uncovered a new ATL ARTCC UHF freq from the Mount Oglethorp RCAG -- 290.800 MHz. I can hear the ground controller here in Btown. Sounds like it might be covering my neck of the woods up here based on the VHF handoffs that the controller is passing. This may be the replacement freq for 282.350 that I haven't heard in quite some time.

Another ATL ARTCC freq I hear the controllers on up here is 380.350 MHz, the Foothills RCAG.

I also have another new VHF ATL ARTCC freq that appears to be either a high or ultra high altitude sector west of us (possibly the Chattanooga RCAG) on 125.825 MHz.

More as I try a figure it out.