Saturday, September 19, 2009

California Capital 2009 Airshow Report

MMP reporter Claude "b52hbuff" Cartee checks in with a report from the California Capital Airshow at Mather AFB in Sacramento last weekend. The marquee act was the USAF Thunderbirds. Thanks for sharing your observations with our MMP readers Claude.

If you have attended an airshow this year and used your scanner to enjoy the action, I could use your field monitor report. It will go into our folder to help me prepare for the 11th edition of our annual airshow monitors guide that will appear in the March 2010 issue of Monitoring Times magazine. Of course, we can post your report here on MMP or you can remain completely anonymous, the choice is yours.

Even though the season is starting to wind down there are still some good shows out there to attend and monitor. Before you go be sure to download our 2009 Airshow guide from the Monitoring Times website. It is free and will help you get that scanner ready to tune into the action.

Now Claude's report from Sacramento.

119.150 Airboss
123.150 Discrete

127.300 Patriots Jet Team
376.025 F-22 (Hope and Change Demo)

141.075 Diamond
235.250 Solos

216.725 PA Audio
216.975 PA Audio

413.275 Thunderbird Maintenence / "MOC" (Maint Operations Center) / Public Affairs (DCS 431)