Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wright-Patterson AFB Trunk Radio System Upgrade

MMP readers in the Wright-Patterson AFB area, I have some interesting information for you. In May 2008, the 88th Communications Group at WPAFB issued a public PERFORMANCE WORK STATEMENT (PWS)for a Land Mobile Radio (LMR) System Expansion and Five Channel Backup System. here are the details.

"WPAFB requires expanding its current 11 channel trunked LMR system to 16 channels to provide reliable communications for all base supported personnel. WPAFB also requires a five channel backup system, to be installed in a different location than the primary site, to support disaster recovering in the event the prime site is lost. WPAFB requires a “turnkey” effort to include the system upgrade design, furnishing of equipment, complete systems integration, testing, and training. These additional channels as well as the backup system also need to accommodate secure voice operation and support the Project 25 defined Common Air Interface and AES encryption algorithm.

"The current 11 channel system is located in Bldg 20620 and this is the location where the five channel expansion shall be installed. The five channel backup system shall be installed in the off-base Ground-to-Air-Transmitter/Receiver (GATR) site. The backup site shall be at a geographically separate location and will be accessed via radios and landlines.

"The system upgrade shall not affect the Radio Frequency (RF) coverage currently provided by Wright-Patterson’s LMR system. The system shall provide Radio Frequency (RF) coverage for base support radio users operating mobile and portable radio units throughout the installation. For mutual aid response purposes, coverage is required for at least a 10-mile radius outside each installation.

OK readers, I need your help to see if the freq info below has been implemented. Reports to our email address in the masthead are really wanted and appreciated.

Frequency Information

System Infrastructure Equipment located at Bldg. 620, Area B, WPAFB
This site will hold the System Central Controller and the current eleven (11) UHF Repeaters and the additional five (5) new UHF Repeaters, the Communications Dispatch Console Central Electronics including the LAN console position, and all system management terminals.

Channel Transmit (MHz) Receive (MHz)
1 408.7625 417.7625
2 408.9625 417.9625
3 409.1625 418.1625
4 409.3625 418.3625
5 409.5625 418.5625
6 409.9625 418.9625
7 410.1625 419.1625
8 410.3625 419.3625
9 410.5625 419.5625
10 410.7625 419.7625
11 408.5625 417.5625
12 406.1625 415.1625
13 406.3625 415.3625
14 406.5625 415.5625
15 406.7625 415.7625
16 406.9625 415.9625

Backup Site (GATR Site)
This site will hold the five channel backup system and all required interface/system equipment

Channel Transmit (MHz) Receive (MHz)
1 408.7625 417.7625
2 409.1625 418.1625
3 409.5625 418.5625
4 409.9625 418.9625
5 410.3625 419.3625

Water Tower Single Channel backup Site
This single channel site will remain as tertiary backup site in the advent both the primary and secondary site fail.

Channel Transmit (MHz) Receive (MHz)
9 410.5625 419.5625

So what is really going on at Wright-Pat on the TRS right now? Your help is needed.