Monday, September 21, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - 20 Sep 2009 - Russian Military

Our good friend Trond J. over in Norway has posted some interesting Russian military logs to the UDXF newsgroup. Thanks Trond for sharing your observations with the rest of us.

03327.0 P: Ch. mrkr for Russian navy Baltic fleet (poss loc St. Petersburg ??)1856 F1B/F1A fsk morse 200 Hz shift cont id "P" (14/SEP/2009)

04079.0 RMP: Russian navy Baltic Fleet Kaliningrad 1704 A1A ongoing wfcast for Baltic Sea and "Gendanskij zaliw" (15/SEP/2009)

04180.0 ?PUQ/(ChPUQ): Russian tactical net 1654 opchat exchanging prosigns "zfp" etc later encrypted morse and 5lg's (15/SEP/2009)

06809.0 V: Russian ch mrkr, "officially" believed to be located in Khiva UZB, but ???? 2030 A1A cont id "V" (10/SEP/2009)

06827.0 ---: Russian naval 1732 F1B T600 aka Bee 36-50/200 regular short msgs, idle inbetween (14/SEP/2009)

06899.0 Basis: Russian navy coordination net (ncs)0934 clg/wkg "Alpha" exchanging data for encrypted voice link setting (?)(12/SEP/2009)

06899.0 ---: poss "Wolfram" (presumed shore station) 1740 YL clg/wkg "Barkat" (12/SEP/2009)

06916.0 ---: Russian naval 0833 F1B T600 aka bee 36-50/200 end of bcast (20/SEP/2009)

06924.0 ---: Russian voice comms, 0835 USB very weak, at times terrible audio (or severe background noises/ (full carrier double sideband ??). At least 3 players, one id as "agat" or sounds like. Second id could be "sulis" or sounds like. Some counting, "two" and "four" in Russian heard. Off at 0840 (20/SEP/2009)

06968.0 FONO: Russian tactical net 0854 A1A morse clg/wkg SQQO. Opchat exchanging data regarding a fsk 75 bd link they are using (or setting up) "...zxj zkn qyt9 k" Later SQQO called by JJAS (sqqo de jjas qcm qyt6) and L9OD who is using fast morse app 36wpm. At 0921 "sqqo de fono zyc zkj zlg qyt9 k" then players fading off (20/SEP/2009)

08345.0 RKW95: Russian naval unit / warship 1411 A1A passing telegram to RJH71 "94t 29 2t 18tt 94t = sml for rjh71 =" (20/SEP/2009)

11155.0 RIT: Russian Navy Northern Fleet 1146-1237 A1A morse RIT having readability checks w/RJI63, RLA88, RKW95, RJQ84, RFF78 (20/SEP/2009)

11156.0 RIW: Russian navy HQ Moscow 1249 A1A cont string of "vvv vvv vvv" then 1255 "rfh77 de riw" zzt zzt 13449/13449 k" (20/SEP/2009)

12464.0 RMGB: Russian warship 1212 A1A passing telegram to unid recipient; ".....=2t121 = rmgb k" high QRM (20/SEP/2009)

12590.0 ---: Russian naval 1115 F1B T600 aka Bee 36-50/200 regular bcasts app every 5th min, at 1127 sudden break in middle of bcast, after 3min station again on air with N0N and resuming data bcasts at 1130 (11/SEP/2009)

13449.0 RIW: Russian navy HQ Moscow 1259 tuning up with pure carrier, at 1303 rfh77 de riw zzd ? k" long string of "vvv vvv vvv" later passing ecryption key using slow morse. RFH77 also heard but very weak rpt data and confirming to RIW (20/SEP/2009)

20268.0 ---: Russian high command 0928 F1B T600 aka Bee 36-50/250 strategic data bcast, at 1002 F1B / F1A fsk morse strat. 5fg msg to recipient RDL; "rdl 253t7 864t4 k" // 00018.1 (11/SEP/2009)