Sunday, September 13, 2009

CAP VHF Narrowband Transition - New Frequencies and Repeaters

And this from the Tennessee Wing website:

CAP VHF Narrowband Transition - New Frequencies and Repeaters

The long talked about transition of CAP VHF frequencies from Wideband to Narrowband is currently happening throughout the country. This is the largest Communications project that CAP has ever undertaken. Our Wideband VHF frequencies have been changed to NEW Narrowband Frequencies, including P25 Digital with encryption capabilities.

The Old Wideband VHF repeaters in the Wing have now been replaced with Dual Mode (Analog & Digital) Narrowband repeaters and (2) new locations will be brought on-line soon. Also, along with changing out the repeaters, ALL VHF Mobiles, Bases and Handhelds, including Vehicle & Aircraft radios, are now being reprogrammed throughout the Wing to accomodate the new frequencies. This reprogramming will require the utmost cooperation of all Groups and Squadrons.

The Tennessee Wing has also received New Tactical Repeaters and New HF radios with ALE capability. These new assets, along with our enhanced VHF radio system, will give us greater communications flexibilty and capabilities.