Saturday, September 12, 2009

Has the Russian military increased their state of readiness?

On Fri, 11/9/09, "Thomas M. Rösner" wrote on the UDXF:

06899 BASIS: unid Russian/CIS Military NCS 1920 J3E/USB OM/RR sx wkg ALPHA (?), BARCHA & NAPISOK (sounds like) & WOLFRAM etc. 7Sep09; 1228z stns: BASIS, BARCHA, WOLFRAM & MINUTKA, LAPIN, NAPITA (sounds like). 8Sep09 (ALF)

And from Russian Navy monitoring expert Trond J in SE Norway:

Most interesting. They are active right now ( 1055 utc ), also weak Russian voice on 6996. "Basis" at times quite strong here. Mostly heard calling "Alpha" and otherwise making exchange of coordination data (?) with unheard station.

Wolfram was also heard ( on 6996 ) when the Russian Northern Fleet was on tour in the Caribbean in December 2008 / January 2009 and on their way to coop excersises with the Indian Navy. Wolfram is believed to be a European based shore station.

Other frequencies to look out for could be 6928, 6996, 7216, 7771, 8240, 9207.

BTW; Russian ELF station Zevs has been using constant carrier mode (generally believed to indicate increased state of readiness of the Russian Navy) in between messages since 1700 UTC yesterday (11 SEP 2009)