Monday, September 07, 2009

Milcom Blog Logs - Sep 2-7 2009 - Mid Atlantic

MMP team member Ron checks in with some more HF intercepts for this edition of Milcom Blog Logs. (All times in UTC and frequencies in kHz)

2 Sep

08200.0 O/M (Russian): 2259 USB w/unheard station. Prob maritime link.

08337.6 Shark 19 (USCGC Chandeleur, WPB-1319, Miami FL): 2324 USB asking Striker 21 (prob UCGC HH-65C #6521, CGAS Borinquen) intentions after landing to refuel.

3 Sep

08050.0 FC8FEM010 (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 8, Denver CO): 1700 USB/ALE sounding. Also on 10194.0 USB & 13446.0 USB

09462.0 FC4FEM (Communications Manager, FEMA Region 4, Thomasville GA): 1630 USB/ALE calling KY4FEM (State EOC, Louisville KY); MS4FEM, Sate EOC Jackson MS) & M07FEM (State EOC, Springfield MO). Also on 07348.0 USB.

07348.0 FP5FEM (unid entity FEMA Region 5, Battle Creek MI): 2100 USB/ALE sounding.

09080.5 O/M (Spanish): 2310 USB w/O/M (Spanish).

4 Sep

08540.0 5JL1 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 0300 LSB/ALE calling 7RC4 (unid Venezuelan Navy).

09380.0 T8R1 (unid, Venezuelan Navy): 1130 LSB/ALE sounding.

08889.0 O/M (Spanish): 2137 USB w/unheard station.

08280.0 T8R1 (unid, Venezuelan Navy): 2300 LSB/ALE calling 1F5G (Venezuelan Navy Base "Amario")

08280.0 2TB9 (unid, Venezuelan Navy): 2315 LSB/ALE calling T5L1 (CEDEF-Commander, Venezuelan Navy Frigate Squadron).

5 Sep

08280.0 2TB9 (unid, Venezuelan Navy): 0010 LSB/ALE calling 1EW9 (unid, Venezuelan Navy) & T5L1 (CEDEF-Commander, Venezuelan Navy Frigate Squadron).

08280.0 F21 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 0100 LSB/ALE calling CGA1 (HQs, Venezuelan Navy).

08340.0 1F5G (Venezuelan Navy Base "Amario"): 0500 LSB/ALE calling T8R1 (unid, Venezuelan Navy).

09081.5 STPOPS (Minnesota ArNG, Army Avn Support Facility (AASF) St. Paul, MN): 1600 USB/ALE sounding.

07120.0 KB3JAJ (Crownsville MD): 2315 USB/ALE sounding.

07120.0 N4EF (Oplaka, FL): 2330 USB/ALE sounding.

7 Sep

08218.0 O/M (Spanish): 0007 USB w/O/M (Spanish) w/sea conditions and position reports. Maritime link.

08344.0 7RPEK (CIS miliary/Russian navy): 0018 CW calling RMG8K & sending short 5-figure group msgs for RFH77, RJH45, RJH74, RJE73.