Thursday, September 03, 2009

California International Airshow 2009 Airshow Report

MMP reporter Claude "b52hbuff" Cartee checks in with a report from the California International Airshow in Salinas last month. Thanks for reminding me Claude that I had this. I stuck it in the airshow folder instead of the blogpost folder. My bad and a thousand lashes with a wet penguin flipper. Let the flogging begin.

Salinas Airshow
123.1500 Discrete
127.3000 Airboss
134.7000 Discrete: Hog (A-10) Safety Observer, Heritage Flight
462.7125 Robosaurus spotter (D464/FRS7)
467.6375 Rich's Incredible Pyro (233.6 Hz PL/FRS11)

Blue Angels
139.8125 Comcart B Maintenance
142.6125 Comcart A "Comcart" / Tower spotter
237.8000 Solos - out of show box
275.3500 Diamond - out of show box
284.2500 Show box - Diamonds & Solos
305.5000 Bert (C-130) / Maintenance Officer
346.5000 Preflight checklist

Thanks for sharing your intercepts with MMP readers Claude.