Friday, December 29, 2017

A Coast Guard COTHEN Mystery

I love a good mystery but this one has been hanging out there for quite some time. On the COTHEN net a series of five call signs are associated with the US Coast Guard Telecommunications and Information Systems Command (TISCOM). NMH is well known. It is the TISCOM station in Alexandria. It is the NMH1-4 ALE addresses that has us scratching our heads. So does anyone out there have any answers about who and where NMH1-4 are? You can email me at the email address in the masthead and you can remain anonymous.

From our Milcom MP COTHEN ALE Address Page
NMH   USCG TISCOM - Alexandria VA  11-17-17
NMH1 USCG w/AKJ, NMH  12-07-17
NMH2 USCG w/NMH  11-21-17
NMH3 USCG w/FSE, NMH, OFR, TSC  11-21-17
NMH4 USCG w/TSC  11-20-15