Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 5 Dec 2017

Have another Milcom field report. This time from long time HF monitor and friend Ron Perron in Maryland. Ron specializes in HF SDR reception, government/ml HF comms and Russian military intercepts. Thanks for sharing with our Milcom readers Ron. If you have something to share, hit me on the email address in the masthead.

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))
Logs from KiwiSDRs in Massachusetts, Washington & Canada

07348.0  1509Z FCSFEM1 (Mount Weather Emergency Assistance Center (MWEAC) Berryville (Winchester), VA) USB/ALE w/FM4FEM (FEMA Regional Center (FRC) Thomasville (Atlanta),GA). After handshake WGY 912 request Radio Room do phone patch test. (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

07348.0  1511Z  FCSFEM1 USB/ALE w/FM4FEM5 (FEMA Region 4 MERS Thomasville (Atlanta), GA). The WGY 912 w/WGY 914 MOC (FEMA Region 4 MERS Thomasville (Atlanta), GA) in AMD chat test.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

07348.0  1603Z  FCSFEM1 USB/ALE w/FR5FEM the WGY 912 w/WGY 905 (FEMA Region 5 Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) Battle Creek (Chicago-Augusta), MI) in voice and AMD chat test.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

07348.0  1607Z  FC4FEM USB/ALE w/FCSFEM1 then WGY 904 (FEMA Region 4 Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) Thomasville (Atlanta), GA) w/WGY 912 in voice and AMD tests.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

07348.0  1614Z  FCSFEM1 USB/ALE calling FM1FEM5 then WGY 912 calling WGY 911MOC (FEMA Region 1 MERS Maynard (Boston), MA).  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

7348.0  1630Z  FC8FEM USB/ALE w/FCSFEM1 then WGY 908 (FEMA Region 8 Regional Response Coordination Center (RRCC) Denver, CO) w/WGY 912 in voice, pp (540-542-4368) and AMD tests.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

11494.0 2121Z  PAC (USCG Comm. Det. Point Reyes, CA) USB/ALE w/N09 (USCG HC-144A #2309 CGAS Cape Cod MA). In voice CommCon QSL's N09 position report of 4120N/6950W & "ops normal". At 1631Z N09 reports on final approach to homeplate CGAS Cape Cod & secures radio guard.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2133Z Dagger 61 (poss C-146A # 12-3040 27SOW/524SOS Cannon AFB NM) USB calling Mainsail w/no response.  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2134Z Boot Jack (HF-GCS) USB w/EAM DGZMYS (30 chars).  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2141Z Boot Jack USB w/EAM DG5UYU (30 chars)  (5Dec17) (RP-MD)

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. New Hampshire  Freq: 5135.0 USB
SEMO03--WPHM631--New York State Emergency Management Office, Glen Falls, NY

2. Alberta Canada  Freq: 10194.0 USB
FC0FEM2010--unid FEMA Region 10 entity
FM6FEM161--unid FEMA Region 6 entity

Freq: 10463.5 USB
1MLGINTMEFINTE (1st Marine Logistics Group (1st MLG) Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA) calling  1INTELMMEFINTE (1st Marine Logistics Group (1st MLG) Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, CA)

Freq: 11494.0 USB & 11196.0 USB
K21--USCG MH-65D #6521 East Coast
701--USCG HC-130H7 #1701 CGAS Sacramento CA

3. Massacusetts  Freq: 13101.0 USB
GWPWZ33 (Brazilian Navy Navy Radio Station (First Naval District) Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil ERMRIO) calling GWPWSB (unid Brazilian Navy warship)