Saturday, December 23, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 22 December 2017

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Kobe Japan Freq:13100.0 USB


2. Bonaire Freqs:  5909.5 USB

A60 (CBP UH-60M tail #08-27170, N72760) calling TSC (Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL)

3. Oregon (1) & Florida (2) Freqs:  11196.0 USB & 12222.0 USB

TSC (Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL) calling K83 (USCG MH-65D #6583 ATC Mobile AL) (2)
T31--CBP BEECH 300 #N631L (1)
NOJ--ComSta Kodiak AK (1)
K22--USCG MH-65D #6522 (1)
K12--USCG MH-65D #6512 HITRON Jacksonville FL (2)
J34--USCG MH-60T #6034 CGAS Sitka AK (1)
A65--CBP UH-60 tail # 80-23465 (1)
GKE--unid (1)
OWK--USCGC WMEC 626 Dependable NOWK Little Creek, VA (1 & 2)

Russian Voice ((Times UTC, freqs in KHz))

Korsar - Russian Military Transport Aviation (VTA) HQs, Moscow
Polis- 117th Air Transport Regiment, 6956th Air Base, Orenburg
Klarnetist- 12th Air Transport Division, 6955th Air Base, Migalovo/Tver
Proselok- 566th Air Transport Regiment, Bryansk
Davlenie- 708th Air Transport Regiment, 6958th Air Base, Taganrog

Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Ukraine

11360.0  1021Z  Korsar USB w/78794 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting departure from Chkalovskiy w/75 tons fuel & next is Raspiska (Russian AB Mozdok). NOTE: Mozdok is usual transit point for flts to/from Middle East. (22Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1043Z  Proselok USB w/78778 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting departure from (missed) at 1331 MSK w/50 tons fuel.(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1047Z  Korsar USB w/76553 (IL-76MD--not heards) reporting 2 hrs into flt w/32 tons fuel & "ops normal".(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1055Z  Korsar USB R/Cs w/76770 (IL-76MD--not heard)

11360.0  1112Z  Korsar USB w/78813 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting 1 hr into flt w/35 tons fuel &
"ops normal."(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1134Z  Korsar USB w/76599 (IL-76MD-- not heard) reporting departure from Rechnoy (Russian AB Shaykovka) w/47 tons fuel & "ops normal".(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1235Z  Korsar USB w/76770 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting landing at Samara.(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

06685.0  1302Z  Korsar USB w/76590 (IL-76MD) reporting 1 hr into flt & "ops normal."(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

06685.0  12625Z Korsar & Proselok USB calling 78779 ()IL-76MD) w/no response.(22Dec17) (RP-MD)

Ron Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)