Friday, December 08, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland - 7 Dec 2017

Ron Perron is back with another Milcom HF Field report from Maryland. Thanks Ron for sharing with our Milcom MP readers.

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. New Hampshire & Alberta Canada
Freq: 7527.0 USB, 12222.0 USB & 11196.0 USB

RPK--USCGC WLB 204 Elm NRPK Atlantic Beach, NC
HNL--Poss COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Honolulu, HI 
NMH1--poss CGAS Wash DC (Reagan Nat'l Airport)
R08874--US Army CH-47F
PAC (USCG Comm. Det. Point Reyes, CA) w/J31 (USCG MH-60T #6031 CGAS Clearwater FL).
R08797--CH-47F #09-08797 Co B (-) 2/211 GSAB, IA-ARNG, Davenport, IA
OPB (OPBAT Service Center, Nassau, Bahamas) w/J31
R26086 (Alabama ArNG UH-60A #88-26086) w/MOBOPS (Alabama ArNG AASF #3 Mobile Regional Airport/Bates Field, Mobile AL)
PAC w/N09 (USCG HC-144A #2309 CGAS Cape Cod MA)
I37--CBP CESSNA 550 #N6637G
PAC w/N05 (USCG HC-144A #2305 CGAS Miami FL)
TCABP (poss Customs Air Branch, Tucson AZ) calling PACBP (poss Customs Phoenix Air Unit, Phoenix AZ)
R26086 w/T1Z131 (1-131 AVN, Alabama National Guard, Dannelly Field AL)
NOJ (CGAS Kodiak AK) calling J21 (USCG MH-060T # 6021)
LNT (USCG Communications Command (COMMCOM) CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA) w/503 (USCG HC-130H7 #1703 CGAS Barbers Point HI)
P02 (USCG COTHEN Remote Command Console CGAS Clearwater FL) w/J07 (USCG MH-60T #6007 CGAS Clearwater FL)
EST (CBP AMOC Eastern Regional Communications Node) calling D47 (CBP P-3 AEW&C #N147CS/BuNo 152722, Jacksonville AMB, FL)
IUD--USCGC WPB 87301 Barracuda NIUD Eureka, CA
938ICE--unid Immigration & Customs Enforcement entity.
R23876--UH-60A #83-23876, 2-104 AVN, CT-ARNG, Windsor Locks, CT

2. Spain
Freq: 8797.0 USB

BB3--Israeli AF
AA1--Israeli AF
T56--Israeli AF acft
A12--Israeli AF acft
AAA--Israeli AF HQs, Tel Aviv

3. Florida
Freq: 10590.0 LSB

3SK5 (unid Venezuelan Navy) calling 2KZ9 (unid Venezuelan Navy)

4.0 Mojave CA
Freq:  11448.0 USB


Voice Logs from KiwiSDR in

1. Alberta Canada
11175.0  1308Z  Overlord (HF-GCS) USB w/EAM FIWB2G (30 chars) " for Full Tech". (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1633-36Z Overlord USB w/EAMs FIA5N2 (30 chars) & DGT362 (30 chars). (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1745Z  Chaos 43 (B-2 509th BW Whiteman AFB MO) USB calling Mainsail. Answered by Andrews. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1746Z  Rogue 07 (B-52H, 2nd BW/11th BS, Barksdale AFB LA) USB calling Mainsail. Answered by Andrews. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11494.0  1812Z  PAC (USCG Comm. Det. Point Reyes, CA) USB/ALE w/J07 (USCG MH-60T #6007 CGAS Clearwater FL). Then J07 advises CommCom their position is 2709N/8132W & ops normal. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1835Z  Reach 407 (C-5M # 87-0028 60th AMW/22nd AS Travis AFB CA) USB calling Mainsail. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11188.5  1839Z  Primetime 801 (P-3C, NAS Whidbey Island WA) USB calling Habitat (TOC NAS Whidbey Island WA) in clear and ANDVT.(7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1852Z  Overlord USB w/Post Card (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/authentications to exit the net. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  1853Z  Dust Mop (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Overlord w/no response. Answered by Chaos 43.(7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2024Z  Overlord USB w/Dust Mop in pp (in progress) w/stn Threesome (GEP) attempting to coordinate digital signal. Dust Mop requests RF15 for analog but Threesome advises will not work
with Dust Mop RF1 digital. Dust Mop advises they will troubleshoot analog equipment and maintain
digital w/Threesome. Dust Mop will drop signal signal after they leave stn Threesome. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2110Z  Andrews, Hickam & Yokota USB w/test counts. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2115Z  Back Pan (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Mainsail. Answered by Hickam & West Coast. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11282.0  2123Z  San Francisco USB w/Navy YD 008 (P-8A Poseidon VP-4 NAS Whidbey Island WA) advising to QSY to VHF 132.075 w/Seattle at 128 West. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)

11175.0  2130Z  Overlord USB w/EAM DGLGYC ---disregard this xmissiom. Then DGZXAN (30 chars) & repeats DGLGYC (30 chars). Overlord standing by for trfc.(7Dec17) (RP-MD)

2. Spain

08300.0  1426Z  Mamotaz (O/M Farsi) USB calling Langoste w/no response. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)
08276.0  1430Z  O/M (Turkish) USB w/O/M (Turkish). Poss maritime link. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)
08070.0  1432Z  O/M (Portuguese) USB w/O/M (Portuguese). Poss fishermen. (7Dec17) (RP-MD)