Thursday, December 07, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Jack Metcalfe KY: 6 Dec 2017

We have another fantastic Milcom field reporter Jack Metcalfe in Kentucky sharing this reports of his HF intercepts from 6 Dec 2017.

4492.0 MIL-STD 188-110A encrypted: 1410 UTC in USB (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

4089.0 Single station, apparently, in ANDVT transmissions. No clear voice heard. Strong signal: 1415 UTC in USB (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5202.0 AAR6TM & AAR6KF, US Army MARS stations in net operations: 1433 UTC in USB voice (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

4792.0 R1 calling & linking briefly with R2R2 then into encrypted MIL-STD 188-110A. This frequency paired with 7677.0 USB ALE two years ago during a USMC exercise: 1435 UTC in USB ALE & Data (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

4880.5 MIL-STD 188-110A encrypted: 1442 UTC in USB (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5140.0 KNFG267 Oklahoma City, OK State EOC & ncs for the weekly Oklahoma Operation SECURE Net, calling & raising WQSY836, Byng, OK EOC, WNUW216, Oklahoma City, OK EOC, WQKE203, Missouri Department of Transportation, Jefferson City, MO, WQOJ557, Missouri Highway Patrol, Jefferson City, MO, WNBE830, Missouri State EOC, Jefferson City, MO & WNBM839, Stillwater, OK EOC: 1503-1516 UTC in USB voice (06/DEC/2017)

10588.0 KAK860, US Customs & Border Protection, Tucson, AZ in voice comms signal check with WGY912, FEMA, Mt. Weather, VA. Didn't see if them link via ALE, but I'm guessing they did. Interesting to see this station on the FNARS: 1517 UTC in USB voice (06/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5192.0 WQOI749, Missouri DOT (MoDOT), St. Joseph, MO, WQOI753, MoDOT, Hannibal, MO, WQOI754, MoDOT, Sikeston, MO, WQOL350, MoDOT, Chesterfield, MO, WQOL459, MoDOT, Lee's Summit, MO & WNUW240-2, Missouri Department of Public Safety, MEROC-2 (Mobile Emergency Response Operations Center) trailer (see below), all in BPSK-31 data communications. This first Wednesday of the month MoDOT net, moved here after the Missouri Operation SECURE net closed, following check-ins on 5140.0 USB at 1530 UTC. 5192.0 data net moved to Pactor-3 ops after BPSK-31 links were established: 1537 UTC in USB Data (BPSK-31 & Pactor-3) (06/DEC/2017)

MEROC-2 vehicle/trailer:

6910.0 NCS387, NCC Auxiliary station at Harrison, AR in communication with WQJC369, American Red Cross, Austin, TX & KHA925, NASA Johnson Space Center, Houston, TX on the SHARES South Regional Network: 1608 UTC in USB voice (06/DEC/2017)

10588.0 WGY906, FEMA, Region 6, Denton, TX calling WGY997, Kansas State EOC, Topeka, by voice. Both stations could chat via ALE AMD, but Topeka had no transmit audio: ~ 1800 UTC in USB voice & ALE (06/DEC/2017)

13430.0 BD2 calling CC1, unid stations & network. Does anybody have anything on these stations or this frequency?: 2013 UTC in USB ALE (06/DEC/2017)

5436.0 US Military Helos R26839 & R26840 calling US Military station 9DT. Also seen on 4927.5, 5233.5 & 5302.5: 2318-2323 UTC in USB ALE (06/DEC/2017)

Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
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