Sunday, December 03, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Jack Metcalfe KY: November 28-December 2, 2017

Another Milcom Field Report by our friend Jack Metcalfe.

7641.0 US Army unit RIFLES6 calling STEEL6: 0118 UTC in USB ALE  (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7348.0 WGY912, FEMA Mt. Weather, VA calling WGY9024, FEMA Region 4 Auxiliary, but no reply: 1529 UTC in USB voice (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7535.0 USN vessel DETERMINED WARRIOR & SESEF NORFOLK in comms. A few minutes later SESEF MOBILE (mobile as in a vehicle) calling DETERMINED WARRIOR: 1531-1536 UTC in USB voice (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7532.0 Unid station ATLANTICO calling COCCOMMAND: 1538 UTC in USB ALE (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7348.0 FM6FEM163, FEMA Region 6 unit calling FCSFEM1, WGY912, Mt. Weather, VA: 1542 UTC in USB ALE (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

14776.0 WGY912 (ALE address FCSFEM1) in voice & HF chat comms with  WGY950 (FM0FEM4), FEMA Region 10 at Bothell, WA: 1613 UTC in USB voice & ALE (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

5896.0 USAF AC1 (aircraft) calling & linking with LAB: 2149 UTC in USB ALE (28/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7641.0 & 7754.5 US Army station PIONEER6 calling PIONEERTAC: 0102 UTC in USB ALE (29/NOV/2017) (JLM)

8004.0 USMC unit MEFFWDCMEFCMD2 calling MEMAINMEFCMD2: 0228 UTC in USB
ALE (29/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7641.0 US Army unit PIONEERTOC calling MULESKINNER7: 2100 UTC in USB ALE (29/NOV/2017) (JLM)

6988.0 US Army unit RIFLES6 linking with PHANTOMMAIN: 2308 UTC in USB ALE (29/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7754.5 US Army units OUTLAWRED1 & OUTLAWRED2 calling each other: 2349 UTC in USB ALE (30/NOV/2017) (JLM)

7932.0 Unid Minot & Bismarck, North Dakota stations MINOTRRP1, BSMKRRP6 & BSMKJOC active on this Operation SECURE frequency over two days: 2252 UTC & 2032 UTC in USB ALE (30/NOV/2017 & 01/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5088.5 US Army stations M2L & Q6K in voice checks after ALE links as USADA1010 & USAIS1012, respectively: 0033 UTC in USB voice & ALE (01/DEC/2017) (JLM)

3092.0 ANDVT: 0020 UTC in USB (02/DEC/2017) (JLM)

3047.0 US Navy stations PAPA, OSCAR & INDIA WHISKEY in voice comms: 0037 UTC in USB voice (02/DEC/2017) (JLM)

3050.0 & 3051.5 Unid US Navy stations with brief voice comms checks: 0022-0040 UTC in USB voice (02/DEC/2017) (JLM)
Jack L. Metcalfe - Stanford, KY
RFSpace Cloud-IQ SDR (x2) & Icom IC-R75 (x2) HF receivers
Icom IC-R8500 HF/VHF/UHF receiver & Icom IC-R5 VHF/UHF receiver
Uniden BCD996T, Uniden BCD996XT & AOR-8200 VHF/UHF receivers
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