Friday, December 15, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 14 Dec 2017

Russian Voice Logs ((Times UTC, freqs in kHz))

Korsar - Russian Military Transport Aviation (VTA) HQs, Moscow
Polis- 117th Air Transport Regiment, 6956th Air Base, Orenburg
Klarnetist- 12th Air Transport Division, 6955th Air Base, Migalovo/Tver
Proselok- 566th Air Transport Regiment, Bryansk
Davlenie- 708th Air Transport Regiment, 6958th Air Base, Taganrog

Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Hungary

11360.0  1114Z  Korsar USB calling 76548 (IL-76MD--IL-76MD 12th Military Transport Air Division-Tver/Migalovo) w/no response. Korsar tries for 10 minutes to reach 76548 (not heard) who reports 35  tons fuel remaining & next stop Pskov. At 1150Z reports 2 hrs into flt w/30 tons fuel. At 1222Z  76548 reports ETA Pskov 1615 MSK. (14Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1149Z  Korsar USB w/76554 (IL-76MD IL-76MD 117th Military Transport Air Regiment -
Orenburg/Southwest--not heard) reporting 2 hrs into flt w/41 tons fuel & "ops normal."  (14Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1152Z  Korsar USB R/Cs w/76643(IL-76MD--not heard)  (14Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1305Z  Korsar USB R/Cs w/76702 (IL-76MD--not heard)  (14Dec17) (RP-MD)

Voice Logs ((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in Alberta Canada

11282.0  1752Z  San Francisco USB w/Gucci 60 (KC-10 # 86-0030 60th AMW Travis AFB CA) w/position report.

10800.0  1802Z  MR5 (unid) USB w/HUD (weak--pronounced as Hud) requesting resend of msg. Also MR5 USB/ALE w/HUD (unid) w/AMD msg " Test OK. Let's drop...." MR5 advises HUD they glad to help and that MR5 will scan all chnls just in case. NOTE: Radio procedure doesn't sound military.

11175.0  1812Z  Black Fly (HF-GCS) USB w/Air Cool (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/authentications to enter net.

11282.0  1822Z  San Francisco USB w/Avalon 30 (USAF C-40) w/selcal check (DS-G?C?)

11282.0  1823Z  San Francisco USB w/Simba 42 (poss MC-130E 8th SOS, Hurlburt Fld FL) w/position report.

11282.0  1841Z  San Francisco USB w/Simba 41 (poss MC-130E 8th SOS, Hurlburt Fld FL) w/selcal check (FM-GJ).

11232.0  1856Z  Trenton Military USB w/Canforce 555 w/selcal check (AH-CP). CFC 555 request Trenton Military notify Customs at Louis Armstrong Interna'l Airport New Orleans LA (KMSY) that ETA is now 1530 local.

11175.0  1911Z  Outbreak (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/Black Fly w/authentications to enter net.

11175.0  1918Z  Black Fly USB w/EAM FIYDQD (30 chars)

11232.0  1926Z  Trenton Military USB w/Peach 99 (E-8C # 92-3290 GA ANG 116ACW Warner-Robins AFB GA) w/pp to Peachtree CP w/formatted msg.

11282.0  1937Z  San Francisco USB w/Ghost 53 (C-20G # 165153 USMC MAW-4) w/altitude change.

11175.0  1941Z  Black Fly USB w/EAM FIERS7 (30 chars).

11494.0  1945Z  Z39 (USCG Group North Bend North Bend, OR) USB/ALE w/K27 (USCG MH-65D #6527 CGAS North Bend OR). After handshake K27 reports "ops normal" at 4403N/12306W.

11175.0  2135Z  Black Fly USB w/Air Cool w/authentications to exit the net.


1. Japan & California  Freq: 3053.0 USB, 4730.0 USB, 5732.0 USB, 6709.0 USB, 7527.0 USB, 10242.0 USB & 11494.0 USB

NOJ--USCG ComSta Kodiak AK
GU2--unid--on 7527.0 USB--Probably not a COTHEN stn.
HNL--Possible COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Honolulu, HI
FSE (unid) calling IUD (USCGC WPB 87301 Barracuda NIUD Eureka, CA)
FSE calling TSC (Technical Service Center and COTHEN Remote Transmitter, Orlando, FL)
ABQ--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Stanley, NM
HTC (WMSL 752 Stratton NHTC Alameda, CA) calling 07F (unid). Stratton is one of the new Legends Class National Security Cutter
D48--CBP P-3 AEW&C #N148CS/BuNo 154575, Corpus Christi AMB, TX
A44--CBP UH-60 tail # 79-23344
T31--CBP BEECH 300 #N631L
T87--CBP HAWKER B300 #N187V
MEM--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Senatobia, MS
RKN--USCGC WMEC 901 Bear NRKN Portsmouth, VA
P44 (unid USCG COTHEN Remote Command Console) calling D07 (CBP BOMBARDIER Q400 #N807MR)
D46--CBP P-3 AEW&C #N146CS/BuNo 154605, Jacksonville AMB, FL
Z39--USCG Group North Bend - North Bend, OR
K27--USCG MH-65D #6527 CGAS North Bend OR
RPM--USCGC WMEC 912 Legare NRPM Portsmouth, VA
K29--USCG MH-65D # 6529, location unk.
R24022--UH-60A #84-24022 CT-ARNG Windsor Locks CT

2. Alberta Canada  Freqs: 10800.0 USB

MR5 (unid) w/HUD (unid) in voice and AMD checks.

3. California Freq: 11448.0 USB


Ron  Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)