Saturday, December 09, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland - 8 Dec 2017

((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in Oregon & Canada

08912.0  1616Z  Z27 (USCG Sector San Francisco San Francisco, CA) USB/ALE w/08X (USCG HC-27J # 2708 CGAS Sacramento CA). After ALE handshake CG 2708 reports departure from homeplate CGAS Sacramento w/5 POB.

11175.0  1736Z  Dagger 61 (C-146A # 12-3040 27SOW/524SOS Cannon AFB NM) USB calling Mainsail w/no response.

11175.0  1740Z  Conclave (HF-GCS) USB w/EAM DGKIL7 (30 chars)

11175.0  1830Z  Conclave USB w/EAM EGW75B (125 chars)--starts then "disregard this transmission". 

11175.0  1834Z  Conclave USB w/EAM FINSJS (30 chars) " for Molin (sounds like)." 

11175.0  1836Z  Conclave USB w/EAM EGW75B (125 chars).

11175.0  1844Z  Conclave USB w/EAM EGCOLO (48 chars). 

11232.0  1854Z  Trenton Military USB R/Cs w/Trog (spelled--unid).

11175.0  1917Z  Conclave USB w/Night Wear (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/authentications to enter the net. After a couple of attempts they QSY to 15016.0 USB to complete authentications.

11175.0  1930-40Z Andrews, Lajes, Hickam & West Coast USB w/test counts.

11175.0  1942Z  S4JG (female op) USB calling Mainsail w/no response. QSY'ed to 8992.0 USB.  NOTE: First time I've heard S4JG used in a long time. 

11175.0  1955Z  Bentback (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Conclave w/no response. At 2008Z they complete authentications to enter the net.

11175.0  2020Z  Conclave USB w/Bentback w/pp to 271-7190 (RF Coordinator). Bentback request Sky Chief look for them in stn Encounter. Sky Chief confirms they are up in stn Encounter in RF4. Sky Chief suggests they QSY to RF16. Sky Chief confirms Bentback burning RF16 w/7C.

11175.0  2028Z  Conclave USB w/Bugle Boy (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/request to check out of net. Conclave advises QSY to 8992.0 USB. 

11196.0  2053Z  NOJ (USC G ComSta Kodiak AK) USB/ALE w/J21 (USCG MH-60T #6021). After handshake CG 6021 reports position as 5416N/16539W on course 060, spd 119 at alt 450 ft.

11175.0  2100Z  F0Y (unid) USB calling any stn. Answered by West Coast.

11175.0  2115Z  F0Y USB calling Guam Global w/no response.

11175.0  2120Z  Conclave USB w/EAM DGRPZF (30 chars)

11175.0  2130Z  F0Y USB w/Andrews Global advising this is Exercise Esteem Highly Alpha.

ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Spain  Freq: 8797.0 USB

A12--IAF acft
AAA--IAF HQs, Tel Aviv

2. Oregon & Florida  Freq: 8912.0 USB & 12222.0 USB

R26676--UH-60L #96-26676 Arizona ArNG
DEN--COTHEN Remote Communications Transmitter, Agate, CO 
Z16 (USCG Sector Mobile Mobile, AL) w/RPK (USCGC WLB 204 Elm NRPK Atlantic Beach, NC)
L05--USCG USCG MH-65C #6605 CGAS Humboldt Bay OR
D48--CBP P-3 AEW&C #N148CS/BuNo 154575, Corpus Christi AMB, TX 

3. Canada & Florida  Freq: 11448.0

D5Y1M (unid) w/1BGQY (unid). After ALE handshake ANDVT exchanges.

Freq:  11196.0 USB

NOJ (USCG ComSta Kodiak AK) USB calling K07 (USCG MH-65D #6507)
NOJ w/J21 (USCG MH-60T #6021)

Ron  Utility Monitoring from Maryland, USA (390747N 763711W  Grid FM19qd)
Various online SDRs