Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Jack Metcalfe KY: 4-5 Dec 2017

Here is another Milcom HF Field Report from Jack Metcalfe.

5745.0 SESEF MAYPORT working USN vessel FULL SPEED in USB, then testing in LSB, AM & ISB: 1534 UTC in USB voice (04/DEC/2017)

7535.0 SESEF NORFOLK in LSB, AM & ISB comms testing with USN vessel SAINT GEORGE. Ran HF long-haul tests later with SESEF MAYPORT after SESEF NORFOLK brought MAYPORT up to this frequency: 1548 UTC+ in USB voice (04/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5233.5 S8K, Det 2, 1221 Trans Co, Missouri NG at Sikeston, MO, linking with J8C, Det 1, 1137 MP Co, Missouri NG at Jackson , MO. Quick voice calls & then into AMD radio checks: 1552 UTC in USB ALE & voice (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)

10580.0 Aircraft SAME 40 working BLUE JAY, L-3 Technologies , Greenville, TX, for radio check in clear voice. Previous activity here involving SAME 40 was in USB voice, but this was LSB: 1709 UTC in LSB voice (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)

10463.5  USMC station 1MLGINTMEFINTE calling USMC station 1INTELMMEFINTE: 1837 UTC in USB ALE (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)

4979.0 FEMA DACN station ZG7D8 calling & linking with FEMA DACN station 1GYM8, then into ANDVT: 2019 UTC in USB ALE (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)

13430.0 BD2 calling BL1 & GR2. BL1 has been seen on a USMC net on 11161.5 & also on an unid net on 9370.0, so I have no definite ID: 2131-2205 UTC in USB ALE (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)

5477.0 Link-11: 2338 UTC in USB (05/DEC/2017) (JLM)