Saturday, December 16, 2017

Milcom Field Report - Ron in Maryland: 15 Dec 2017

Russian Voice Logs ((Times UTC, freqs in kHz))

Korsar - Russian Military Transport Aviation (VTA) HQs, Moscow
Polis- 117th Air Transport Regiment, 6956th Air Base, Orenburg
Klarnetist- 12th Air Transport Division, 6955th Air Base, Migalovo/Tver
Proselok- 566th Air Transport Regiment, Bryansk
Davlenie- 708th Air Transport Regiment, 6958th Air Base, Taganrog

Logs are from  KiwiSDR in Hungary

11360.0  1313Z  Korsar USB w/76554 (IL-76MD 117th Military Transport Air Regiment  Orenburg/Southwest--not heard) reporting departure from Taganka (Russian AB Makhachkala-
PrivolzhskiY) w/55 tons fuel.(15Dec17) (RP-MD)

11360.0  1327Z  Korsar USB w/78797 (IL-76MD--not heard) reporting 3 hrs into flt w/36 tons fuel & "ops normal". (15Dec17) (RP-MD)

Voice Logs ((Times UTC, Freqs KHz))

Logs from KiwiSDR in California & Alberta Canada

05547.0  1632Z  San Francisco USB w/Air Canada 004 asking if he still has contact w/Tora 82 (RC-135U 55th WG/4th RS Offutt AFB NE). Air Canada 004 will relay to Tora 82 that Anchorage ATC wants them to squawk 5752 and contact them on 120.55 MHz. At 1638Z Air Canada 004 advises that they were unable to relay the msg to Tora 82.

05547.0  1633Z  San Francisco USB w/Ronin 07 (EC-3F # 79003 552ACW Tinker AFB OK) w/posrep.

11175.0  1719Z  Reach 336 (C-17A # 09-9211 62nd AW Joint Base McChord WA) USB calling Mainsail. 

11175.0  1720Z  Jack Plug (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB EAM FXHG2Q (30 chars).

11175.0  1735Z  Cutty Sark (HF-GCS) USB w/EAM FXHG2Q (30 chars)

11232.0  1805Z  Trenton Military USB w/Canforce 452 (unid) w/selcal check (FM-HJ)

11282.0  1816Z  San Francisco USB w/Evac 44831 w/selcal check (KR-CE)

11282.0  1833Z  San Francisco USB w/Ghost 53 (C-20G # 165153 USMC MAW-4) w/selcal check.  At 2300Z ADS-B showed Ghost 53 landing at San Diego.

11282.0  1838Z  San Francisco USN w/Air Transport 440 (USAF contractor) w/posep. ATN 440 departed Hickam AFB HI and destination is Travis AFB CA.

11175.0  1935Z  Cutty Sark USB w/Egg White (TACAMO/ABNCP) w/authentications to enter the net.

11175.0  1937Z  Red River (608th Air Operations Center (AOC) Barksdale AFB LA) USB calling any stn. Answered by Egg White.

11175.0  1945Z  Culminate (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Cutty Sark w/no response. 

11175.0  1951Z  Appraiser (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB w/Cutty Sark w/authentications to enter the net.

11175.0  1956Z  Culminate USB w/Cutty Sark w/authentications to enter the net.

11175.0  2006Z   Trenton Military USB R/Cs w/C-GCNB.

11282.0  2009Z  San Francisco USB w/DeeCee 91 (KC-135R 756th ARS Joint Base Andrews MD). DeeCee 91 advises they have departed Hawaii westbound for AR903 then will return to Hickam. San Francisco advises ATC freqs in AR903 are 6532 primary and 13300 secondary.

11175.0  2121Z  Appraiser USB w/EAM FX36RA (30 chars)

11175.0  2154Z  Feedback (TACAMO/ABNCP) USB calling Cutty Sark w/no response.

11175.0  2215Z  Cutty Sark USB w/Reach 7000 () reporting departure from Las Vegas and destination is Little Rock AFB AR. Reach 7000 requests flt info be relayed to Hilda (375th AW HQ TACC, AMC, Scott AFB, IL).

11282.0  2230Z  San Francisco USB w/Reach 371 (C-5M # 86-0021 AFRC 433AW/68AS Kelly Field San Antonio, TX).

SDR ALE Logs from KiwiSDRs in:

1. Bonaire, Oregon & Alberta Canada  Freq: 5732.0 USB, 11494.0 USB
OWK-- USCGC WMEC 626 Dependable NOWK Little Creek, VA
VES-- USCGC WMEC 625 Venturous NVES St. Petersburg, FL
LGV-- USCGC WMEC 904 Northland NLGV Portsmouth, VA
009-- USCG HC-130J #2009 CGAS Elizabeth City NC
NOJ (USCG ComSta Kodiak AK) calling J34 (USCG MH-60T CGAS Sitka AK)
LNT (USCG Communications Command (COMMCOM) CAMSLANT Chesapeake, VA) & PAC (USCG Comm. Det. Point Reyes, CA) calling 08X (USCG HC-27J # 2708 CGAS Sacramento CA)