Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Russian Long Range Bomber Missions Are Spiking Again

The following is a translation from Russian into English by the Old Crow taken off the Russian Ministry of Defense website. The article was dated 24 October 2007. It appears that the spike in the number of missions for the Russian Long Range Aviation units continues.

Long Range Aviaition activities continue...within the framework of Command-Staff training by units of Long Range Aviation. The training is scheduled to run from 16th to 30th October under the direction of CinC Air Forces - Colonel-General Aleksandr Zelin. Today, 24th October and tomorrow 25th October, as many as 10 aircraft: TU-160 (Blackjack), TU-95MS (Bear H) and IL-78 Tankers will carry out flights over the Arctic, Atlantic, and Pacific Oceans and also the Black Sea. The flights will occur at night and during the day and will include in-flight refuelling.

The Russian Strategic Aviation flights will be accomplished in observance of the schedule for combat training and will be carried out strictly in accordance with International rules governing military flights over international waters and will not violate the airspace of other nations.

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Blog Editor's Note: Recently reported Russian Long Range Air Force frequencies from REA4 Moscow 1000/50 include: 2721.0 4179.0 4706.0 5157.0 7018.0 9193.0 11408.0 23961.0 kHz.