Saturday, January 23, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 22 Jan 2010 - BTown

Spent the day watching the HF-GCS Scope Command ALE Net (primarily watched 11226). Observed the following AMC aircraft sounding and calling various stations in the net.

100465 C-5A 164AW/155AS Memphis IAP, TN #70-0465 cld by Ascension (HAW) at 2011 UTC

290059 C-17A 62AW McChord AFB, WA #99-0059 1607-1954 UTC sounding on the net

538007 KC-135R 117ARW/106ARS Birmingham IAP, AL #63-8007 1848-1931 UTC sounding and calling various ground stations in the net including ADW Andrews, CRO Croughton, GUA Guam, and HIK Hickam.

Observed the following stations on this net throughout the daylight hours here EST:

ADW Andrews AFB, MD
AC2 Unid USAF aircraft possibly from the 89AW stable.
AE1 Complete unknown
CRO Croughton AB, UK
F12 USCG HU-25C Falcon Asset CGAS Cape Cod, MA #2112
GUA Andersen AB, Guam
HAW Ascension Island
HIK Hickam AFB, HI
ICZ Sigonella NS (Sicily), Italy
IKF Keflavik Iceland (see my blog for more on this at
JDG Diego Garcia
JNR Salinas PR
MCC McClellan, CA
MOBD17 USAF Air Bridge Station at Homestead ARB, FL Voice call: Kingfish
Kilo? (Tentative)
OFF Offutt AFB, NE