Saturday, January 30, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - HF Jan 26-29, 2010 - Mid Atlantic

Ron P is back with some more military/government HF intercepts from his Mid-Atlantic monitoring post. (Times UTC, Freqs KHz)

26 Jan:

08340.0 3V2Y (Commander Venezuelan Navy LST T-64 "Los LLanos"): 2200 LSB/ALE to T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy) w/extensive DTM traffic regarding activties while in port in Cuba.

11181.0 CROSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, RAF Croughton UK): 1553 USB/ALE sounding. Also sounding were nodes at Lajes, Andrews and Salinas.

27 Jan:

11181.0 JNRSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, Salinas PR): 1810 USB/ALE calling MOBD13DAT (unid).

15091.0 MCCSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, McClellan AFB CA), OFFSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, Offutt AFB NE) & JNRSPR (Secure Internet Protocol node, Salinas PR): 1830 USB/ALE calling MOBD13DAT (unid).

28 Jan:

08058.6 KRC83 (US Embassy, Central/south America): 1400 USB/ALE calling KRC81 (US Embassy, Central/south America).

08912.0 D70 (US Customs P-3A "Slick" #N16370/BuNo 152170, Corpus Christi AMB, TX): 0037 USB/ALE calling CNT (US Customs AMOC Central Regional Communications Node) then in voice Omaha 370 calling Hammer (US Customs AMICC, March AFB, CA) on the "Central node" in the clear. Then into Parkhill encrypted voice.

10242.0 PAC (CamsPac Point Reyes CA): 2005 USB/ALE w/J10 (USCG MH-60J #6010 CGAS Clearwater FL) then in voice checks.

29 Jan:

09025.0 571486 (KC-135R # 57-1486, 197 ARS - AZ ANG,Phoenix Skyharbor IAP, AZ): 2200 USB/ALE sounding.