Saturday, January 16, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - Jan 15, 2010 - Charleston SC

Our good friend Mark Cleary down in Charleston, SC has passed along some more HF logs, some of which are related to the disaster situation in Haiti. As I have point ed out in other post, the COTHEN Network continues to be a major player in the US response. Unlike some other sources on the net it isn't just one 18 MHz COTHEN freq, it is all of them. Check out our online profile at

It is also a good idea to keep an ear, uh extra receiver on 9018.0 kHz and watch for AFSOC assets supporting the mission in Haiti.

02:28:45][FRQ 05732000][TO ][PAC ][TIS][713 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 02 followed by CG 1713 (HC-130, CGAS Sacramento) position report to CAMSPAC. 29-41N 092-47W. Course 100. Speed 200 knots

0743Z 5732.0 IKL (USCGC TAMPA WMEC 902) sounding in ALE USB

1940Z 8971.0 TIGER 01 (P-3C) requesting QSL for their transmission

1958Z 5696.0 CG 2102 (HU-25) departing Guantanamo Bay with 5 POB requests guard from CAMSLANT

2012Z 8983.0 SWORDFISH 14 (HU-25, CGAS Miami) on final to homeplate secures guard with CAMSLANT

2055Z 11494.0 Z13 (Sector Key West) clg FFS (USCGC CHANDELEUR WPB 1319) in ALE USB

2147Z 8337.6 SWORDFISH 02 (HU-25 #2102) position report to SHARK 21 (USCGC VALIANT WMEC 621). Bearing 070T, 111 miles from benchmark

2154Z 5696.0 CG 2102 (HU-25) requests guard from CAMSLANT. CAMSLANT will notify cutter VALIANT they have guard

[21:58:37][FRQ 08912000][TO ][D48 ][TIS][EST ][AL0]
BER 24 SN 01 followed by Parkhill encryption and weak voice

2204Z 9018.0 REACH 1000 and REACH 1017 (C-130s) in Air-Air getting caught up on events. REACH 1017 got one load into Haiti, but had problems getting fuel in Dominican Republic. Had to go to Puerto Rico. Congestion and bottleneck forced them into flying 10,000 and below burning lots of fuel. Satcom on both aircraft malfunctioning. Mention using MARS net heavily

2313Z 5250.0 D05 (CBP Q400 N805MR) sounding in ALE USB

2326Z 4002.9 (LSB) AAM4RA net control in USA MARS Region 4 AAA4RD/I Net

ALE addresses monitored on COTHEN: 004, 03B, 502, 702, 713, 720, A10, D05, D48, D70, EST, FFS, I86, I94, IKL, J01, J04, J22, J24, J27, J29, J32, K75, K85, LNT, N05, N07, OPB, PAC, ROS, T6P, TSC, Z13