Monday, January 25, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs: USS Truman Underway East Coast 1-25-2010 - Central Florida

One of our regular MMP reporters Jack NeSmith down in central Florida reports that comms in the UHF milair band are lighting up with the USS Truman offshore. From Jack:

Aircraft from the TRUMAN started hitting Pinecastle Range(R-2910) about 1045 (1545 UTC) local this morning.

Freqs monitored:
140.175 Range Control Net(FM)
289.200 Range Control
225.350 Targets
231.600 Air-to-Air
299.500 Air-to-Air
310.675 Air-to-Air
312.250 Air-to-Air
314.500 Air-to-Air
320.925 Air-to-Air
322.975 Air-to-Air
324.825 Air-to-Air
335.925 Air-to-Air
342.250 Air-to-Air

Thanks for sharing Jack and keep us posted.