Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Venezuela Naval Haitian EQ Support

Ron up in MD says that the Venezuelan Navy Haiti relief operation is entitled " Haiti Solidarity 2010." From DTM msgs it appears that a Venezuelan Naval vessel using ALE callsign 4T8S is now or slated to be in the Dominican Republic port of Barahona on a Haitian relief mission. He says that research and recent traffic indicates that the Venezuelan Navy Capana-class LST "Esequibo" T-62 may be the vessel on the Haitian Relief mission in Barahona, Dominican Republic. Recent Ven Navy activity has been spotted on the following (thanks to Jim, Ron and Tom):

6265.0 ESEQUIBO: Venezuelan Navy (ARBV) Capana-class Medium Landing Ship "Esequibo (T-62)" 0015 ALE/LSB to CAPANA (Vessel "Capana (T-61)") w/LQA.

6850.0 6QA8: Venezuelan Navy (ARBV) Capana-class Medium Landing Ship "Esequibo (T-62)" 2227 ALE/LSB to T5L1 (BNAR Puerto Cabello) w/LQA

6888.0 USB/ALE "CAP TIS ESEQUIBO" ESEQUIBO: Venezuelan Navy Capana-class Medium Landing Ship "Esequibo (T-62)" and "CAP" is complete "CAPANA", the "Capana (T-61)"

8280.0 ESEQUIBO (Venezuelan Navy Capana-class Medium Landing Ship "ARBV Esequibo" (T-62): 0045 LSB/ALE calling CAPANA (Venezuelan Navy Capana-class Medium Landing Ship " Capana", T-61).

8280.0 F21 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 0500 LSB/ALE calling CGA1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy).

8280.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 0530 LSB/ALE calling 4T8S (unid, Venezuelan Navy).

8280.0 2TB9 (Venezuelan Navy LSM "Goijaira" T-63): 0600 LSB/ALE calling T5L1 (CEDEF-Commander, Frigate Squadron) & 1EW1 (Naval Base "Amario").

8280.0 1F5G (Venezuelan Navy Base "Amario"): 0800 LSB/ALE T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy).

8340.0 CGA (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 2147 LSB/ALE calling T623 (Venezuelan Navy Capana-class Medium Landing Ship "Esequibo" T-62).

8340.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 1230 USB/ALE calling 4T8S (Venezuelan Navy LST/Capana class Esequibo" T-62).

8340.0 5JL1 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 2109 LSB/ALE calling T5L1 (CEDEF-Commander, Frigate Squadron).

8340.0 F21 (Venezuelan Navy Frigate "Mariscal Sucre" F-21): 2115 LSB/ALE calling CGA2 (HQs Venezuelan Navy).

8340.0 T8R1 (HQs Venezuelan Navy): 2156 LSB/ALE calling 1F5G (Venezuelan Navy Base "Amario").

Our super Digital Digest columnist at Monitoring Times, Mike Chace passed along the following on the Ven Navy:

"I spent a long time on trying to decipher the addresses. I have a few confirmed but the process is complicated by frequent use of relaying (with no way to distinguish which station is relaying) and the fact that some addresses appear to be collective addresses for small flotillas of ships. I have the following:"

1C3Z F-24 Frigate General Soublette
1EW1 Base Agustin Armario (BNAR)
1XV7 T-61 Capana
1Z8C BO-11 Punta Brava?
2TB9 T-63 Goajira
4LA3 EPGZ07, PG407 Fardela
6QA8 T-62 Esequibo
7P4S Tunes
7RC4 CGT 23.4 (F21, F24, T62)
8DV9 T-64 Los Llanos

The Venezuelan Navy ships sent to Haiti have been very busy with long MIL-188-110A
messages on 5840 kHz USB. Synchronous 8bit setting will show the headers and email addresses of the stations involved.