Saturday, January 23, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 22 Jan 2010 - Spacecoast

One of our regular reporters to the MMP pasted along these intercepts (many related to the Haiti relief effort) from his Spacecoast listening post. Thanks M.

Recorded logs from 0415 to 2130 EST. Noticed since yesterday (Thursday) some unusual P-3 callsigns, adding 2 letters at the end of the callsign. Haiti related traffic is bolded.

138.950 Homestead ARB KINGFISH KILO (TALCE)
CG 1720 inbound call (HC-130H, CGAS Clearwater)
REACH 161A inbound, 10 pax, 25k fuel

264.200 Jax NAS VP-8 / VP-16 Base
591 with EAGLE BASE, inbound (161591, P-3C)
564 with WAR EAGLE BASE, inbound (158564, P-3C)

290.625 Eglin Metro
REACH 1043 request update for HRT, Hurlburt Field

306.000 Jax NAS VP-30
16 with 04 on Base, discussing weather and deconfliction
91 with 24 on Base, air-air

310.200 Jax NAS Base Ops
CONVOY 3642 inbound (2 missions, 2nd flight request offload before CONVOY 3850 for return to Getmo)

311.000 MacDill AFB Lightning Ops
REACH 2103, requesting phone patch to home station 493-7301 (Maxwell AFB)
____ 62 inbound
CLEAN 31 inbound
QUID 30 reporting airborne 2324z (KC-135, 351st ARS)
REACH 805D inbound
ETHYL 89 inbound, divert due to fog (KC-135, 171st ARW)
REACH 111A inbound, request update on field closure for fog; mention divert to Kelly AFB

319.400 AMC Common
Unid air-air (0424 hrs) and another pair at 0538 discussing weather


340.200 Jax NAS Tower
CONVOY 4692 inbound, local wx check

344.600 Metro
LIMA FOXTROT 16 BRAVO BRAVO P-3C, VP-16), request en-route wx to Navy Jax
ETHYL 89 with MACDILL METRO, diverting due to fog, looking for local divert fields,
long discussion attempting to find local fields, mention of being sent to Langley AFB.

345.000 Coast Guard
CG 1504 (HC-130H, CGAS Clearwater) with CLEARWATER AIR

349.400 Charleston AFB Palmetto Ops
REACH 122A inbound
REACH 899 inbound
REACH 144A inbound
REACH 3113
REACH 805D inbound, 37 pax
ETHYL 89, present position to Langley AFB

361.300 Jax NAS VR-58 / VR-62
CONVOY 3642 with NOMAD BASE, inbound

372.200 PTD
ASCOT 5568 (C-130?) calling MACDILL OPS, no reply
REACH 805D calling MACDILL BASE OPS, no reply