Sunday, January 17, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - Jan 16, 2010 - Charleston SC

Our good friend Mark Cleary down in Charleston, SC has passed along some more HF logs, some of which are related to the disaster situation in Haiti. As I have point ed out in other post, the COTHEN Network continues to be a major player in the US response. Unlike some other sources on the net it isn't just one 18 MHz COTHEN freq, it is all of them. Check out our online profile at

It is also a good idea to keep an ear, uh extra receiver on 9018.0 kHz and watch for AFSOC assets supporting the mission in Haiti.

0021Z 5732.0 JULIET 27 (MH-60T, CGAS Elizabeth City) secures guard with CAMSPAC

0133Z 9121.5 Link-11 data transmission

1125Z 5732.0 CG 1720 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) position report to CAMSLANT. 25-17N 078-05W. Course 135. Speed 270 knots

[07:56:38][FRQ 07527000][TO ][PAC ][TIS][706 ][AL0]
BER 24 SN 00 followed by CG 1706 (HC-130, CGAS Barbers Point) securing guard with CAMSPAC

[10:25:50][FRQ 05732000][TO ][LNT ][TIS][720 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 19 followed by CG 1720 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) airborne with 9 POB en route CGAS Borinquen requests guard from CAMSLANT

[12:55:08][FRQ 05732000][TO ][TSC ][TIS][719 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 19 followed by RESCUE 1719 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) p/p via SERVICE CENTER to Sector St. Pete

[13:57:10][FRQ 07527000][TO ][OPB ][TIS][J19 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 13 followed by 19C position report to PANTHER. 27-39N 082-06W. Course 105. Speed 98 knots

1432Z 5732.0 RESCUE 1719 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) position report to CAMSLANT. 29-10N 083-56W. Course 316. Speed 216 knots

1445Z 13927.0 CG 6008 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) (in the Bahamas)requests p/p from AFA6DD (TX). QSY 7633.5 kHz

1449Z 7633.5 CG 6008 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) morale p/p via AFA4HF(FL) to 630-XXX-XXXX Illinois

1459Z 8992.0 GOFER 03 (C-130H, 96 AS/934 AW) p/p via Offutt HF-GCS to Homestead Metro for 1745Z WX at Luis Munoz Marin Airport, San Juan, PR

[15:00:52][FRQ 05732000][TO ][01Z ][TIS][NAS ][AL0]
BER 26 SN 00 followed by ANDVT

1510Z 10538.6 ANDVT

1516Z 11175.0 COBRA 70 (OC-135, 55 WG) p/p via Offutt HF-GCS to DAGGER OPS

1525Z 8983.0 CAMSLANT instructs CG 2117 (HU-25) to contact CGAS Miami on their VHF

1905Z 8983.0 CG 2117 (HU-25, CGAS Miami) departing Guantanamo Bay with 5 POB en route Port-au-Prince requests guard from CAMSLANT

1916Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3905 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY with ops normal report on Haiti mission. Requests WX at MDSD (Las Americas)

1956Z 9025.0 255144 (C-17A, 452 AMW) p/p via Offutt HF-GCS with No Joy

2017Z 7527.0 19C position report to PANTHER. 23-25N 075-13W. Course 126. Speed 123 knots

2057Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3905 wkg TRENTON MILITARY for WX at Port-au-Prince and Kingston, Jamaica

2217Z 14389.0 REACH 396 p/p via AFA9AY (CA)

2256Z 5732.0 JULIET 24 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) position report to PANTHER. 19-32N 072-10W. Discuss PAX transfers

2308Z 8971.0 CARDFILE 02 (P-3C) RTB report to FIDDLE

2355Z 6742.0 ANDVT

ALE addresses monitored on COTHEN: 003, 004, 01Z, 501, 502, 504, 706, 713, 717, 719, 720, A20, A47, CG1, D01, D31, D45, EST, IKL, J19, J24, J27, J29, J42, J43, LNT, N07, NAS, OPB, PAC, ROS, SEC, TSC, UCG, WGD, Z12