Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Milcom Blog Logs - 27 Jan 2010 - BTown

Parked a HF receiver on SHARES ALE frequency 9106.0 kHz today to see if there was anything shaking on the Haiti front by these folks and monitored the following ALE activity during the daylight hours here in BTown:

5QWAFA US Air Force MARS Greenwood, IN

050NCS NCC Unknown

82KNY National Communications System - NTCN-HF Lenexa, KS

87KNY National Communications System - NTCN-HF Denver, CO

AAT3BF US Army MARS Newark, DE

KFW652 US Government Unknown

KMN93 US Department of State HF Emergency and Evacuation Network Springfield, VA

KNY87 National Communications System - NTCN-HF Denver, CO

KTQ313 Environmental Protection Agency Montgomery, AL

OARNNN Navy/Marine Corps MARS Machesny Park, IL

USARC5 US Government Unknown

WWLNNN Navy/Marine Corps MARS Hendersonville, NC

As always, fills and tieups are always welcomed to the address in the masthead.