Thursday, January 21, 2010

Haiti Freq Update/Milcom Blog Logs - Jan 20, 2010 - Charleston SC

Our good friend Mark Cleary down in Charleston, SC has passed along some more HF logs, some of which are related to the disaster situation in Haiti. As I have point ed out in other post, the COTHEN Network continues to be a major player in the US response. Check out our online profile at

It is also a good idea to keep an ear, uh extra receiver on 9018.0 kHz and watch for AFSOC assets supporting the mission in Haiti.

For our friends in Florida keep a radio watch on 138.950/236.000. Homestead ARB has been setup as a CRE (Contingency Response Element) under the 621st CRW, callsign Kingfish Kilo. We believe that it is using the ALE address on the HF-GCS Scope Command ALE network of MOBD17. Now anyone want to take a stab at Kingfish Alpha? Hurlburt or MacDill maybe?

The 621st CRW is supporting Haiti ops, see:

You can see more of Mark's great work on his excellent radio blog, The Low Country Listening Post at

Now on to Mark's logs for 1/20/2010 from Charleston.

0121Z 8337.6 ANDVT

[01:48:33][FRQ 05732000][TO ][CNT ][TIS][A40 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 12 followed by OMAHA 140 (CBP AB139) wkg SERVICE CENTER with request to be linked to MOTOWN

[02:26:46][FRQ 04721000][TO ][ADW ][TIS][240065 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 08 followed by REACH 530 (C-17A, 97 AMW) p/p via Andrews HFGCS to DSN 779-0312 TACC

0500Z 5708.0 483081 (KC-10A, 305 AMW) ALE initiated p/p via Hickam HFGCS to TACC

[08:29:29][FRQ 05732000][TO ][LNT ][TIS][717 ][AL0]
BER 28 SN 13 followed by CG 1717 (HC-130, CGAS Clearwater) ops normal report to CAMSLANT

1241Z 8156.0 CORAL HARBOUR BASE wkg patrol boat for ops report

[12:44:40][FRQ 05732000][TO ][LNT ][TIS][J43 ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 10 followed by JULIET 43 (MH-60T, CGAS Elizabeth City) position report to CAMSLANT. 37-26N 076-40W

1248Z 6234.6 ANDVT

[13:37:50][FRQ 13907000][TO ][J08 ][TIS][LNT ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 00 followed by CAMSLANT taking flight ops report from JULIET 08 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater)

1405Z 5320.0 ANDVT

1406Z 10493.0 WGY912 (FEMA, Mount Weather, VA) radio checks

1411Z 10493.0 WGY9165 (FEMA Auxiliary), WGY916 (FEMA Region 6, Denton, TX), WGY903 (FEMA Region 3, Olney, MD), WGY901 (FEMA Region 1, Maynard, MA) in radio checks

1435Z 10493.0 WGY901 (FEMA Region1, Maynard, MA) wkg WGY911 (FEMA). Standing by to assist them.

1448Z 8983.0 CG 2128 (HU-25, CGAS Miami) position report to CAMSLANT. 24-57N 077-45W

1456Z 11232.0 TRENTON MILITARY wkg KING 30 (C-130) with WX for Eglin AFB

1504Z 8971.0 FIDDLE wkg TIGER 42 (P-3C) with request for Satcom ICE check

[15:20:53][FRQ 13312000][TO ][N04 ][TIS][PAC ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 00 followed by CAMSPAC wkg NOVEMBER 04 (HC-144A, ATC Mobile) for position. 30-13N 087-14W

1528Z 8971.0 RED TALON 02 (P-3C) wkg FIDDLE reporting radar down hard. Requests they contact GOLD EAGLE (USS Carl Vinson) and pass they would like to be under positive ATC control "down there".

1543Z 5909.5 K66 (MH-65C) sounding in ALE USB

1544Z 8983.0 CAMSLANT clg CG 2003 (HC-130J, CGAS Elizabeth City)

1553Z 8971.0 RED TALON 02 (P-3C) clg PELICAN 01 (P-3C, VP-45). RED TALON informs FIDDLE they are almost on station and will try to talk to E-2C for support

[16:04:08][FRQ 08912000][TO ][PAC ][TIS][J10 ][AL0]
BER 27 SN 00 followed by JULIET 10 (MH-60J, ATC Mobile) position report to CAMSPAC. 29-57N 088-16W

1649Z 7632.0 WGY9416 (FEMA Auxiliary, Ohio) checking into SHARES net

1710Z 7632.0 KPS396 (US CBP COTHEN Remote, Memphis, TN) checking into SHARES net. [Same voice as CBP Service Center on COTHEN this morning]

1720Z 6940.0 Link-11 data transmission

1722Z 11232.0 PEACH 31 (E-8 JSTARS) p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to PEACHTREE with line code report. AR completed 1555Z

1752Z 8983.0 CG 2002 (HC-130J, CGAS Elizabeth City) position report to CAMSLANT. 32-54N 080-02W

1837Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3917 wkg TRENTON MILITARY reporting 1715Z departure from Kingston, Jamaica and 2130Z ETA Trenton. Requests WX at Ottawa and Trenton

1843Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3915 (CC-150 #15003) wkg TRENTON MILITARY reporting 1710Z departure from Kingston, Jamaica and 2040Z ETA Trenton

1928Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3941 (CC-130) (Selcal GHAJ) wkg TRENTON MILITARY reporting a rucksack belonging to a PAX was left behind. Requests they put it on the next C-130 to Haiti

[20:05:09][FRQ 08912000][TO ][PAC ][TIS][J43 ][AL0]
BER 26 SN 04 followed by JULIET 43 (MH-60T, CGAS Elizabeth City) airborne with 7 POB en route CGAS Washington, DC requests guard from CAMSPAC

2012Z 9121.5 Link-11 data transmission

2038Z 11232.0 SENTRY 60 (E-3 AWACS) p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to DSN 884-2011 RAYMOND 24 with line code report

[20:51:37][FRQ 08912000][TO ][J43 ][TIS][OPB ][AL0]
BER 30 SN 14 followed by PANTHER clg JULIET 43 (MH-60T, CGAS Elizabeth City)

2059Z 11232.0 SENTRY 30 (E-3 AWACS) p/p via TRENTON MILITARY to DSN 884-2011 RAYMOND 24 with line code report

2102Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3942 (C-130) (Selcal FMDJ) wkg TRENTON MILITARY
reporting 2025Z departure from Trenton and 0220Z ETA to Port-au-Prince

2107Z 11232.0 CANFORCE 3941 p/p via TRENTON MILITARY with WING OPS for hotel information in Kingston, Jamaica

2150Z 8912.0 MAG (USCGC HAMILTON WHEC 715) sounding in ALE USB

2303Z 8971.0 RED TALON 02 (P-3C) ops normal report to FIDDLE

2318Z 10242.0 Z14 (USCG Sector St. Pete) clg J08 (MH-60J, CGAS Clearwater) in ALE USB

ALE addresses monitored on COTHEN: 002, 004, 501, 502, 713, 717, 719, 720, 89M, A20, A40, CDIPRI, CNT, D01, D31, D46, D70, D95, EST, F12, J01, J08, J10, J12, J19, J24, J39, J43, K16, K66, LNT, MAG, N01, N04, N05, OPB, P02, PAC, PR1PRI, ROS, TSC, Z03, Z14